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Re: last night's House, episode 3.04 )
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Not that I have much to say, but I am enamored of actually watching a series as it comes out, and be able to comment with Wow! Spoilers!

Also, it's either write this or write a paper, and procrastination officially starts the day after classes do, in case you didn't know.

House Season 3 premiere )
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I have a new secret shame: I am completely and utterly addicted to House. I love it! He is such a cranky bastard! With a cane!

The terrible problem, however, is that I cannot get an internet connection to last long enough to download any episodes, and there wasn't a rerun on this week. What the fuck, FOX? Why show Celebrities No One Knows and Who Can't Sing Or Dance, Who the Hell Watches This Anyway when there could be a snarky doctor with issues on my TV instead?

Apparently there is even an episode called House Vs God which, from the summary I've seen, totally features my bulletproof kink of people trying to fix the universe. But I cannot see it because of this internet! I want it so desperately that I have contemplated buying internet from a Starbucks for the time it would take to download, but I just switched bank accounts and don't have my new credit card yet.



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