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Dragon Moon )

Medea )

Osun )

BPAL Organizing Post
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Akuma )

Kitsune-Tsuki )

Kurukulla )

BPAL Organizing Post
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Blood Moon )

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Kathmandu, Les Bijoux, Madrid )


Jun. 17th, 2010 05:31 pm
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BPAL Organizing Post; feel free to ignore )
brigdh: (Buffy)
Harlot, Morocco, Sed non Setita )
brigdh: (She scythes names like herbs)
Eos, The Hamptons, Port Royal )
brigdh: (dates fan sinews on hard sugar walls)
Crib Girls, Eclipse, Eau de Ghoul )
brigdh: (Red I said.)
Bohun Upas, Chimera, Coyote )


Dec. 3rd, 2009 06:27 pm
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I have been insanely busy for the last week. Also my apartment had no water this morning. HELLO DECEMBER HOW ARE YOU.

BPAL reviews: Bayou, Black Lotus, Bien Loin D'Ici )
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Hey, remember when I used to write BPAL reviews? Me neither. But! Now I have done it again, mainly for my own benefit, since writing this out helps me remember which one smells like which. That fact that I can't remember on my own is probably a sign that I own too many BPALs, but um, hey, look, there's a new update with cool stuff!

Reviews of Athens, Baghdad, and Bastet )
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At least I'm not rich enough to have too many to plow through )
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I am going to catch up on these. Eventually. )
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Mainly because I'm lazy )
brigdh: (anime made me love guns)
Hey, remember when I used to actually post BPAL reviews? )
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I haven't done this in a long time )
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Last one for now )
brigdh: (mothafuckas never do it like I can do it)
Mmmm, smelly )


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