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Project Runway spoilers for tonight )

Also I am moving the day after tomorrow SO MUCH TO DO AHH.
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1. Last week's Project Runway: OMG WTF Kimono guy!? That is the worst outfit ever. I cannot believe they did not send him home. Also, hello to the creepy, what with the ogling his model and asking that one woman about her nationality.

2. X-Ray Pin-up Calendar. Kind of NSFW, all fascinating.

3. The only thing I have to say about True Blood this week is that I absolutely loved the fanvid at the end. Hilarious.

4. Similar to the calendar: MRIs of fruit. It takes a while to load, so perhaps not for those with slow connections, but it's worth it.

5. [livejournal.com profile] graduate_maria. Here is the backstory, but short version: Maria needs money to graduate. So now there is an auction to help her! I have met Maria and can verify that she is a real person, so go and bid on stuff!
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1.A Regency Romance in 2 Minutes by Sirenofthestorm. Hahahaha. It is so true.

2. Sexy Halloween Costumes for Dogs. Because, yes, civilization has sunk that low. But this post is still funny.

3. Steampunk map of Europe in 1914. Totally awesome.

4. The Anthropology Song! I love this.

5. Tim Gunn is Tired of Your Bullshit: a picture recap of last week's episode. So accurate.

6. Take a number for health care.
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The judges made decisions I agreed with! This is shocking, and yet awesome.
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1. After viewing last night's Project Runway, I want to say that this season the judges have never once sent home who I thought they should. EVERYONE I LIKE IS LEAVING.

2. Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, is possibly involved in a cover-up over executing an innocent man. So, yeah. There is nothing I can say to this.

3. However, October is apparently Fair Trade month. Wheeee!

4. On that thought, I have just discovered the Rancho Gordo website, a company devoted to finding and preserving food plants indigenous to the Americas. Their heirloom bean varieties, most of which I've never heard of, look particularly amazing. I can't decide which I want to try most.

5. The Tomato Nation blog is trying to raise $150,000 for Donors Choice by the end of the month. They're up to $69,000 so far. Help them out! You could win prizes.

6. Why is it winter all of the sudden? Having essentially not experienced the cold since early 2008 (which was a fairly mild winter anyway) I have suddenly remembered my great loathing for it.
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1. Designers should not be allowed to write movies.

2. It's good to see the judges have found a source of delusion-inducing crack in their new location.
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The judging on tonight's Project Runway was insane. I would have been happier if the winning and losing outfits had switched places, and I don't think I've ever been able to say that about this show before.
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1. I saw the new Star Trek movie last night! I enjoyed it. I've never seen any other incarnation of Star Trek (though I'd absorbed some details as a result of it being the source for so much of fandom's history), and the main thing that I was struck by was how much fun it was, compared to Star Wars.

2. Re Merlin Episode 8 ("The Beginning of the End"): so, uh, do the characters keep acting as though Uther is your slightly eccentric, cranky uncle, and not a genocidal psychopath? Because it is causing me to keep having weird reactions to the tone of the episodes. They seem so cheery! Except for the death.

3. The Fashion Show aka Project Runway v2.0: eh. Not as fun as Project Runway, unsurprisingly. I feel like it's what would happen if you crossed Top Chef with America's Next Top Model. (Hmmm, that last sentence probably revealed way too much about my personal habits regarding reality TV.) Definitely an interesting group of designers for the season though, with Merlin (yes, there is actually a designer named Merlin. Also he spent the episode wearing a bright red cape and a hat with a feather that was longer than he was tall) at the top of the crazy heap. And it looks like Daniella will be the one I want to die in a fire.

4. The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency! I suppose I should have recommended this before the season finale. But it is so sweet and fun and lovely and awesome! I adore it.

5. True Blood is back with a second season starting in June! I am still hoping that Lafayette is not dead. Or he's a vampire. I could go with either, as long as his character is still on the show, as he is far and away the best part.
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Project Runway )
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Things I have been doing recently:

1. Watching way too much reality TV (particularly of the "I want to be a supermodel/Miss America*/a fashion designer**/ghost hunter" sort) and lamenting the writers' strike. Seriously. I need new things to kill brain cells with, people.

2. Reading lots of fantasy/Regency romances/humor novels, and not one single one of the thousands of things I should read in the spirit of academic research.

3. Not doing anything on my more specific academic goals, such as, oh, the PhD proposal due next month, the MA thesis due in May, or the various visas/vaccines I need to go to Syria***.

So, what are you all procrastinating with?

*Miss Vermont is awesome and you all know it. I totally want a Miss America who looks like a shy hipster.

**Christian, on the other hand, should be set on fire.

***Did you know the Syrian government apparently reads the mail and will kick you out of the country for mentioning even the name of Israel? Awesome, people. Also, I hear peanut butter is ungodly expensive there, for some reason. I am here to bring you these bits of trivia.


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