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I have been very busy for the last week, and haven't gotten as far through the Yuletide archive as I wanted to. But I also wanted to make a recs post before author reveals, so here are the stories I've enjoyed so far!

First, my own gifts: I got 4 – count them, f-o-u-r – stories written for me this year! And all of them for Hadestown. I must have written a very inspiring letter. :D In no particular order:
Tastes so bitter and so sweet. 1.1k, M, Persephone/Eurydice PWP. This is hot and lyric and oh so bittersweet. Just a gorgeously written post-canon tale.
Make It Through the Wintertime. 1.5k, T. A really fantastic portrayal of Persephone as the new queen of Hadestown, still adjusting to her new life, and the creation of the river Lethe. I love the use of additional Greek mythology, adjusted to the Hadestown setting.
Philtering. 1.3k, G. A Demeter-POV look at how Persephone spends her summers, distilling her own alcohol. The food and drink porn in this is great, and I love the use of the Southern dialect.
There's a hell of a good hemisphere next door. 0.2k, G. And a happy fic after all the angst! A hopeful possibility for Persephone and Eurydice to escape Hadestown once and for all.

22 recs beneath the cut )
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It's Yuletide time! Hooray!

Hello and thank you for offering one of my fandoms! I'm looking forward to whatever you write, and if you want to completely ignore the rest of this letter, or pick and choose just a few things, that's totally fine. I've tried to write a shorter letter this year. If you want more information click here for previous years' letters. Anything I've asked for before I would still love to get.

AO3 name: Brigdh

– I love all ratings, from G to NC-17. A lot of the prompts I give below are focused on ships, but feel free to write me the characters as platonic friends instead if that's what you prefer. Gen and PWPs are both awesome!
– Feel free to include injury, illness, death, infidelity, racism, homophobia, classism, etc, as needed for your story. Or feel free to ignore such elements of the canons below! I'm good either way.
– A lot of my requested canons are historical fiction. I DO NOT require you to have done research to write them. Trust me, I won't care if you use a modern word or describe the wrong style of clothing. I'm not an expert either.
– For each of my requests, the characters are very much OR instead of AND. Want to write a story about Rose without Hannibal, Rosalee without Cato, etc? Go ahead! You could probably guess this from the prompts I give below, but I wanted to be clear about it.
– Weird stylistic writing choices, like second person POV, a series of linked drabbles, unreliable narrators, five times fic, etc, are all totally okay. I enjoy reading experiments!

– amnesia
– de-aging
– mpreg (I do love A/B/O fic; if you want to write that, feel free to mention mpreg in the worldbuilding. Just please don't make it the main focus of the fic)
– Groundhog Day AUs
– 24/7 lifestyle BDSM

Yes, please!
– AUs, especially: modern AU, historical AU (as in, any historical period other than the one in canon), A/B/O, pirates, Wild West, cyberpunk, postapocalypse, circuses, canon-divergence
– found families, families of choice, and loyalty kink. I especially love it when there are reasons why it's difficult or unusual for the characters to have a relationship, but they defy expectations by being devoted to one another anyway.
– I LOVE one character risking their life/sacrificing themselves to protect another. "I thought you were dead!" is also an excellent trope
– casefic would be great, especially if you could combine it with slowburn get-together of one of my ships. I realize that’s a lot to ask of a writer. But just in case you want to write long casefic: I would love to receive it!
– hurt/comfort of all kinds, especially if the comfort leads to a deepening relationship. People getting ill, people getting beat up, people choosing to be tortured to protect someone else, people hiding injuries while trying to soldier on, people enduring long-term poor conditions (especially cold! I HATE being cold, and so I deeply identify with a character barely avoiding hypothermia), last minute rescues, confessions of feelings due to thinking you're about to die, caretaking, giving the hurt character a bath (especially hair washing!), and characters learning to be loved.
– iron woobies, always and forever
– established relationships are my jam. Show me how comfortable people have gotten with each other, how they know one another well enough to know all of their jokes and triggers and erogenous zones. And established doesn't have to mean problem-free! There's all sorts of troubles that tend to come up in relationships long after the first time. For example, I'd love a story about a fight and working through it.
– arranged marriages/marriages of convenience and fake dating are some of my favorite stories. I love all of it: the awkwardness, the enforced intimacy, the pining over 'my feelings are real but yours are pretend', the trust despite the difficulty, the teaming up to put on a good show for outside observers.
– slice-of-life, domesticity, missing scenes, and curtain-fic are all wonderful. I am totally fine with a very low-stakes story, as long as I get to see my favorite characters going about a normal day, enjoying themselves with one another, making jokes, etc.
- I adore all sorts of silly fanfic tropes, but here are some of my favorites: Genderswap (particularly of the "always-a-girl/boy" type rather than "woke up one morning" type), crossdressing, roadtrips, huddling for warmth, masquerades/disguises/undercover, trapped together (snowed in cabin, handcuffs, etc), friends-to-lovers and especially FWB to more, sex pollen, and platonic bed sharing.

Porn: I love everything from PWP to fade-to-black to gen. If you want specifics, I'll have a comment up under the Yuleporn post soon.

Specific fandom requests: Benjamin January, Hadestown, Underground, The Ballad of Black Tom )
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I am back from the beach! :D I am full of sun and boardwalk food and there is sand in literally everything I own, including my hair, but I am very happy. We got lucky and had wonderful weather – it didn't rain once, and then a storm broke literally as we were on the train back to New York. Which, honestly, was nice; nothing eases the heartbreak of leaving the beach like being able to see the dark clouds rolling in.

A photo from Racheline, which makes me look far more like a mermaid than I actually am )

And now I will try to catch up on everything.

But first! While I was away, the gift fics for Seeing Color were revealed. It ended being a rather small exchange, with only sixty-something people participating, but it was a lot of fun. And hey, it's only the first year! Maybe we'll see more next year.

Here are my favorites of the fic I've read:
The Day After That. Underground, 1.5k, Teen.
This one was written for me, and so of course it is MY FAVORITE. A Rosalee character-study set after the end of Season One, which somehow manages to include both Rosalee/Noah and Rosalee/Cato and makes them both so beautiful and true. I really loved this lovely little piece, and highly encourage you all to check it out.

And speaking of Underground, it's now available on Hulu! So if I've ever made it sound appealing, it is now much easier to watch.

If We Go, We Go Together. Leverage, 2.1k, Teen. A wonderful OT3 werewolf AU, complete with H/C, cuddling in a hospital bed, and Eliot expressing tender feelings through threats.

The Earth Will Reach The Sky. Sorcerer to the Crown - Zen Cho, 1.6k, G. An absolutely excellent portrayal of the marriage between Prunella and Zacharias after the end of the book, with Zacharias being sweet and lost in his thoughts and Prunella being an unstoppable force, and also there are flower crowns. I adored this fic; the writing style is just gorgeous.

You're My Type. Psych, 4.8k, M. Shawn attempts to seduce Gus, but does a fairly terrible job of it. I'm not very familiar with Psych's canon – I've seen a few episodes but no more than that – but I still enjoyed this funny story of bad Halloween puns, pining, and stolen plants.

Dirty Jobs. Star Wars: The Force Awakens, 3.2k, G. An excellent character study of Finn, pre-movie, with lots of world-building and interesting new details and, of course, foreshadowing of the changes to come. Very well-written and engaging, with just a little bit of the chill of a brainwashed soldier working for space Nazis.

I would offer to let people guess which story I wrote, but I'm afraid it's far too obvious. Are there any others you particularly enjoyed, though? I haven't had time to go through the whole collection.
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(Everybody sign up with me! :D Go here for more details.)

Hi! Thank you so much for matching me! I'm looking forward to whatever I receive.
If you would like more information than what's below, check out some of my previous exchange letters. Anything I've asked for before is still welcome. On the other hand, I'm a big believer in "Optional Details Are Optional", so feel free to ignore all of this and do whatever you want.

In general, I'm a big fan of H/C, porn, casefic, missing scenes, loyalty kink and chosen families, both established relationship and first times, humor, dark fic, epistolary fic, pining, road trips, AUs, and curtainfic/slice of life. I don't have any strong DNWs.

My requests:
Benjamin January Mysteries - Barbara Hambly
Benjamin January, Rose Vitrac January, group: Benjamin January & Rose Vitrac January & Hannibal Sefton
In this fandom, I ship: Ben/Rose, Ben/Ayasha, Ben/Hannibal, Rose/Cora, Rose/Hannibal, and Ben/Rose/Hannibal. However, I'm also really into fic about any of these people as friends, or character study fic!

- Really, I'd love to read anything at all about my OT3. Domestic fluff with them cooking and playing music and making dumb Latin jokes and critiquing opera or whatever. I'm sure Hannibal would be very willing to help either of them expand their sexual repertoire. Give them a new case to solve, or an adventure that doesn't start with Ben playing detective! Are there backstories to the nicknames Hannibal uses for them, Athene and amicus meus? I would LOVE a first time fic set post-'Crimson Angel', where the events of that book leads to a change in their relationship.
- For a focus on Rose/Hannibal, how did their first meeting go? How about Hannibal teaching Rose to pick locks (and/or the two of them attempting to teach Ben)? I'd love to hear more about what Rose was thinking during 'Dead and Buried', and what she thinks about Hannibal's backstory. I also LOVE their fake-relationship in 'Crimson Angel', so more about that, please.
- For Ben/Hannibal, the world NEEDS furtive make-outs in the backroom of some opera/ball/private party. Or tell me about Ben's feelings when Hannibal moves away to Mexico. These trips to Mexico and DC are also excellent opportunities for epistolary fic.
- I'd also love something about Rose and Cora, either as children or after Cora comes to New Orleans, or about Rose and Chloe being academic women friends.
- Ben/Ayasha: I want to know everything about their relationship, from beginning to end. An AU where Ayasha gets to meet either Rose or Hannibal would also be wonderful.
- This fandom does not yet have a single modern AU! You should write one. :D
- If you want to write gen, Rose-backstory about her time at school in New York would be AMAZING. I would also LOVE fic about Ben and his family – either during his childhood or as an adult. His relationships with Livia, Dominique, and Olympe are all complex and wonderful. I'm also curious to know more about his feelings regarding St-Denis Janvier.

Fanart requests: Feel free to use anything above, if you see something inspiring! But I suspect a lot of my fic requests don't translate well to art, so here's some art-specific ideas.
- I would love, love, love a daemon AU. I don't like these as much in fic, since they don't seem to lend themselves to plot, but I adore them in art. I really want to see what animals you think the different characters would have as daemons! (I have my own ideas, but I don't want to stifle your creativity. But if you're curious, feel free to ask through the mods/leave an anonymous comment/whatever.)
- Being able to see a moment from canon would be wonderful. You can look back through my Benjamin January tag for some of my favorite quotes and the scenes I talk about the most, but also feel free to chose your own favorite.
- Hair kink! Both Rose and Hannibal have long hair, so I'd love to see art about other characters generally doing things with it: combing, braiding, washing, putting it up, taking it down, etc.
- Mardi Gras party! I'd love to see what costumes the characters chose.

Underground (TV)
Cato, Noah, Rosalee
In this fandom, I ship Cato/Noah/Rosalee, as well as any two out of the three. However, I'm also really into fic about any of these people as friends (or, well, tense companions), or character study fic!

– Shippy fic YES. First times, established relationships – whatever you like. I just want to see them snarking and testing one another (and possibly outright punching between Noah and Cato) and rescuing each other and slowly learning to trust. And also kiss.
– I'd really love a fic about them reuniting after the events of the finale. Unfortunately, I realize that would probably involve tens of thousands of words, and I'm not going to require that of you. Though I wouldn't say no if you want to write it! :D Feel free to timeskip ahead and/or use an AU if that works for you.
– I loved the episode where Cato and Rosalee dressed up and pretended to be married. A missing scene from there (or what if they had had to spend the night like that?) examining their feelings would be wonderful.
– Backstory about any of them would be great. We've only gotten little hints about their lives before this season, and I'd love to see more of that filled out. Noah and Rosalee seem to have never spoken before episode one, but what about Noah and Cato? Or Cato and Rosalee? Or feel free to focus on just one character, if you prefer. I'd also really love to read more about Noah's friendship with Henry.
– I'm really interested in the question of if Rosalee knows how to read. It seems like she might? A story about her teaching one or both of the others would be lovely. Or about all three of them learning!
– An AU with them in some less-awful life would make me happy. Perhaps they're still running a heist! Or perhaps they have some more straightforward problems.
– I would also be really into Rosalee/Elizabeth fic set during the finale. C'mon, there was totally sexual tension there! :D

Titus Andronicus - Shakespeare
Many of Shakespeare's villains (Iago, Lady Macbeth, Richard III) get lots of attention – meta, fic, art, actors describing what great roles they are to play – but Aaron is my very favorite, and almost no one ever talks about him. :( He is, in many ways, a stereotype, and yet he's also exteremly aware of how he is perceived by the society around him. There's several lines that suggest he's deliberately turning himself into what's expected of him. He's such a complex character! I love how dramatically, straightforwardly, wonderfully evil he is. I love his anger, I love his arrogance (that swagger! ♥ He basically drops a 'yo mamma' joke, how amazing is that?), I love his relationship with Tamora, and I love how he sacrifices everything he has to try and save his son and yet still refuses to admit wrongdoing: "If one good deed in all my life I did, / I do repent it from my very soul." AH LOVE. He is a complicated, stubborn, self-centered villain, and I adore him.

– How did he get this way? What was Aaron's childhood, his parents? How does a Moor end up among the goths anyway?
– The Tamora/Aaron relationship is pretty fascinating to me, and I'd love the backstory on how they met and their early days together. He seems pretty good at playing the game of politics – what was his role in Tamora's Queendom? He seems to not care at all when she marries Saturninus – regard it as a good thing, in fact! How exactly did such an open relationship come to be, and how does it work?
– I LOVE his relationship with his son, how he instantly gives up everything his life has been to try and rescue a baby. An AU where he actually gets away and gets to raise his son would be awesome. What would Aaron be like as a father? Does he "want his soul black", or would the act of raising a child change his perspective somewhat? What would he tell the kid about his past? Where would they go to live?
– One of the huge themes of Titus Andronicus is revenge, and yet Aaron seems to be the only character not primarily motivated by revenge. Or is he? Does he have some secret backstory we don't see in the play? Or, if not, what does he think of all this going on around him? What is his motivation?
– Apparently during the Victorian period, a rewritten version starring Aaron as the virtuous hero, friends with chaste Tamora, became popular. I feel a meta fic, where the "original" Aaron becomes aware of this,
could be HILARIOUS. Or sad! Depending on how you want to write it.
– AUs: always a plus. Modern day? Elizabethan era? Crossovers with other Shakespeare plays would also be great!

Fanart requests: Feel free to use anything above, if you see something inspiring! But I suspect a lot of my fic requests don't translate well to art, so here's some art-specific ideas.
– Daemon AU, yes, always.
– Poster art advertising the play (and Aaron specifically, of course)
– Aaron and his baby: YES PLEASE. Cute, creepy, however you like, I just would love to see them together.
– A piece inspired by this line would be GREAT:
I will be bright, and shine in pearl and gold,
To wait upon this new-made empress.
To wait, said I? to wanton with this queen,
This goddess, this Semiramis, this nymph,
This siren, that will charm Rome's Saturnine,
And see his shipwreck and his commonweal's.

Or any of the other scenes in canon.

Thanks again! I can't wait to see what you make.
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For the last few months, I've actually had a crowded schedule of TV watching! This is remarkable for me, since I almost never watch shows as they air, much less watch multiple ones with conflicting schedules. They've now dropped off one by one, as their seasons ended, and so now I am late to the party with recommendations (well, mostly).

Sleepy Hollow
See, the tragic thing is that I was mostly enjoying Season 3. There were multiple new characters of color introduced, many of whom I liked a lot! Daniel Reynolds: yes, Abbie totally SHOULD have a sexy sexy boss with whom she has past sexual tension! Sophie Foster: yes, more kick-ass fighter women, I am into this! I ship Jenny/Joe, and the way they handled Jenny's commitment issues was mostly well-done and I was excited to see where they would go with it! Ichabod's tragic grieving while separated from Abbie for a few episodes was fantastic angst – as long as I presumed it would have an eventual happy ending. The new villains were boring, but eh, they were perfectly adequate at setting up Monster of the Week type plots, and I don't need my villains to do anything more than that.

And then there was that season finale which, in addition to all the other REALLY OBVIOUS ISSUES, didn't even make sense on a story-telling level. It was exact repeat of what had happened in the season break! Except now Ichabod was just cool with Abbie dying?

Anyway, I'm sure you've all seen the millions of meta posts on this topic so I don't feel like hashing it out all over again, but it is absolutely one of the most inexplicable and dumb (and, you know, racist) choices I've seen a TV show make.

But on a happier note, I continue to adore this show. It needs more of a fandom! It's not at all full of graphic violence or grimdark like you might expect from a show about zombies; it's an adorable procedural with a very cute premise (Liv, the main zombie, solves murders by eating the brains of the victims – this also causes her to take on some of their personality traits) and wonderful characters. My particular favorite is Ravi, Liv's boss/friend, who is a funny, nerdy doctor who handles Liv's personality-of-the-week with admirable nonchalance.

Anyway, this season was great, I'm so glad Clive finally knows about zombies, and I'm very excited at how they've set up a Blackwater-esque military contractor to be next season's Big Bad.

Hap & Leonard
A six episode miniseries based on a book series that I've read a few of. Hap is an ex-hippie, straight white liberal; Hap is a black, gay Republican; together they fight crime get into trouble, call one another "brother", and are generally adorable.

I haven't read the particular book this miniseries was based on, but it did have a different feel than the ones I've read: less humor and irony, more taking the guys seriously as action stars. Possibly that's just the difference from the first book in a series to the later ones, though.

I feel like I should issue a warning for the fifth episode, which has a torture and gunbattle sequence that is absolutely some of the most brutal stuff I've ever seen. And I watch a lot of horror movies, including during the 00's awful tortureporn phase! I've seen some brutal stuff. I was still shocked by this.

They haven't confirmed a second season yet, but I do hope it gets one. It might not have been everything I hoped for, but I'd definitely watch more.

Okay, now we're to my favorite, absolutely the best thing I've seen this year! Underground is set in Georgia in 1857, and is about the Underground Railroad, but it is very much not eat-your-vegetables TV. It's shot like a heist movie. There are action sequences, huge twists in practically every episode, modern music used in the score, and no clear lines between "good" characters and "bad" characters. There are fandom-favorite actors involved, particularly Aldis Hodge (Hardison from Leverage) and Marc Blucas (Riley from BtVS). Over on tumblr, I am co-running "dailyunderground", so follow for gifsets and such.

Also yes, I am shipping Noah/Rosalee/Cato, someone write me a fanfic.

Game of Thrones
Eh, apparently I am still watching this show. I'm kind of grumpy because I haven't liked the first five episodes, but they seem to have been popular in fandom, so I have no one to share my snark with. It... could be worse, I guess? I just want to read the books, to be honest.

And now I have to decide what to start watching next. I've been meaning to watch Black Sails for ages (Pirates! :D ) but it doesn't seem to be easily accessible anywhere – it's not on either Hulu or Netflix, and I don't have Starz. I've also heard good things about Wynonna Earp, which just started this season and thus should be easy to catch up with: a big plus! And I guess I should watch the second season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, since I enjoyed the first so much. Also everyone keeps telling me to watch Jessica Jones? So, uh, I guess I should do that too. Anyway! Tell me which one I should watch first, if you have opinions.


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