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I only watched one episode of TV last week! Apparently I was really busy reading? Actually, I don't even know what I did with my time. Anyway:

True Blood
So, it was kind of a boring and terrible episode.
Bill continued to be really determined to die, and decided that the only way to accomplish this was to get Sookie to help him commit suicide. Why? Because a dead Bill is the only way for Sookie to have a normal life: "How many times have you promised yourself, 'no more vampires'?" HAHAHA.
Meanwhile, Sarah Newman hits on Pam, and I briefly ship it, before Pam and Eric kill all of the yakuza and take Sarah captive.
Then, crazily, Hoyt and Jessica decide to get married, today, despite having dated for less than 24 hours. But Bill is dying! And he never got to walk his human daughter down the aisle! None of this makes sense!
Sookie realizes that she can hear Bill's thoughts, and I briefly was convinced that Bill's Super Hep-V was turning him back into a human, but nope. The whole thoughts thing is never addressed or explained at all. Instead, Sookie agrees to kill him using her fairy powers (which will take away those powers and leave her a normal human). But then she changes her mind! No, she still kills him, she just uses a stake to do it instead. Bill is dead! I wasn't sure the show was really going to go through with it.
In the one enjoyable part of the episode, Eric and Pam start a Hep-V Cure company based on Sarah's blood, film a hilarious infomercial describing it as "For vampires - By vampires" and Eric as "THE IMMORTAL VIKING GOD", open the NY Stock Market, and reopen Fangtasia. Sarah is still being held captive in the basement, and I actually feel bad for her. I suppose she was the show's biggest villain - certainly the biggest one still alive, maybe the biggest overall - but her situation is so terrible in the extreme that it's not enjoyable to watch.
Then we skip three years ahead and Jason for some reason is with Bridget (I guess Jason was always fated to be with Hoyt's girlfriend?) and they have way too many children for only three years having passed. BUT OMG ALL THESE BABIES ARE SO CUTE. Sam's baby! Sookie's baby bump! So many babies! Jessica/Hoyt being cute! Lafayette/James being cute (but not actually getting dialogue, ugh)! Arlene/whatever that vampire's name was being cute!
Sookie's baby bump is apparently from her Random Faceless (presumably human) New Boyfriend instead of Sad Vampire Bill, which I feel is very disappointing after all the foreshadowing this season.

And that's the end! I feel let-down.
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I didn't watch very much this past week, so only two episodes:

True Blood

Bill is suicidal now, apparently, but I just don't care. I don't care if he's suicidal as a side-effect of Hep-V, if it's because of some new-found philosophical object to being a vampire, or if it has something to do with Sookie being a fairy, which I don't really understand but which gets repeated a lot. I had thought he was going to die this season, but now I'm not so sure.
Meanwhile, Sam did not get killed off! He just left town forever without mentioning it to anyone. Whatever. I guess we did have to get rid of some more characters.
I wish the Lafayette/James relationship had gotten some more screentime, but since there's only one episode left, that's clearly not going to happen.
"She had given birth... to death!" Oh, Lord, this show. Bill, you had a nightmare. It's not that dramatic.
And then Hoyt randomly punches Jason? I'm really confused about why that happened. Anyway, Hoyt and Jessica hook up because "they're meant to be together" (nah, I shipped Jason/Jessica) and meanwhile Jason and Hoyt's girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend, I guess) very conspicuously do not hook up.
Oh my god, Jason charming the airline woman over he phone is hilarious. I love Jason as inexplicable-seducer-of-all.
"I was young... and immature." Jessica, it has been like six months. A year at most. You are not that much older.
""I could not have sex with her. People do that all the time: not have sex. Not me." Awww, Jason. I also love his insecurity.
And then there was the most bizarre sex scene ever recorded, between Ginger and Eric. I'm not entirely sure Eric even got his pants off before Ginger loudly climaxed (from... anticipation, I guess?). Good to know the show wasn't going to end with her still unfulfilled.

The Musketeers

The Challenge: "I went to Gascony once. It was full of sheep and hedges." HAAAAAA. Louis may be my favorite character.
OMG I love Porthos and Aramis blatantly looking for a 'patroness' when they need money. However, Porthos, I am not really convinced at your flirtation skills here. This widow's seducing you way more than you're seducing her.
And then d'Artagnan runs away from the middle of sword practice because he hears some bad news. Good idea, definitely convincing people to let you join the Musketeers there. Oh, d'Artagnan. You ran away so that you could go after this guy alone? This is one of your dumber ideas. Even if you get a confession out of this episode's bad guy, how would you even explain it?
Ohhhh, of course it's thirty livre they need, if D'artagnan is going to get the money from Milday. I get your ~subtle reference!
Are the other guys eating popcorn while they watch Porthos fight? That is hilarious.
OMG CONSTANCE AND D'ARTAGNAN DID YOU JUST KISS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET? You are the worst at secret affairs. No wonder Constance's husband caught you. And really, I think "I want you to dump him" is the best possible response one could expect from your husband finding out about your secret affair. Well, other than "let's have a threesome", but no one wants to have a threesome with Bonacieux.
Dude, there is no way the king remembers who Bonacieux is or that he's not really a musketeer. I'm not buying that Louis spontaneously named him a Musketeer; someone totally whispered it in his ear.
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True Blood

Oh, Sarah Newlin. You have somehow managed to get even crazier. I almost want her to actually turn out to be some sort of messiah, just because I can't think of a weirder ending for the show than that.
Tara's plotline is just bizarre. She needed to come back as a ghost and spend the entire season haunting Lettie Mae so that she could tell her... what? About a memory Lettie Mae already remembered? What was even the point of that? I was hilariously amused by the poor family that had to stand around and watch a bunch of strangers get high and dig holes in their front yard.
Well, that Violet plotline wrapped up quickly. Can't say I really care.
Jessica/Hoyt is sweet, but I am totally rooting for Jessica/Jason.
The Sookie/Eric scene in Fangtasia where he pretends to glamor her was EXCELLENT. I love that narrative trope - I can't think of the name of it (if there is one), but where two friends/allies/lovers are in front of a bunch of bad guys and have to improvise a story on the spur of the moment; I love that combination of danger and their trust in one other, and all while pretending to be strangers or on opposite sides.
Sookie is totally going to have Bill's magic baby.
And meanwhile Bill has decided to be suicidal, because there apparently wasn't enough plot of wrap up in two episodes yet.

The Musketeers

The Homecoming: Man, this "shoot the melon on his head" scene is INCREDIBLY slashy. I'm kinda shipping Porthos/Aramais now.
Awww, tragic bb!Porthos backstory!
The Court of Miracles! I've had a weird fascination with it since I read The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I'm not sure of the historical accuracy, but I totally love its inclusion here. (Actually, having checked Wikipedia, apparently it's more accurate for the 1600s than the 1400s. You have let me down, Hugo.)
Damn, who is this dude playing Charon? He is super hot (I have totally already claimed him as a Benjamin January fancast).
Aaaaaand now I want the Flea/Charon/Porthos backstory.
Man, Athos, you could have broken the news about his son's death to this guy a lot more kindly. Way to be a dick.
"God's on my side." / "Is he any good with a sword?" Haaaa.
This is such a good episode otherwise; I wish it hadn't come down to fighting over Flea. The home vs opportunity conflict is so much more interesting than "who gets the girl".
Alas, Charon died, no sweet reunion fic. I still want the AU.

The Exiles: BABY. CUTE BABY.
Oh my godddddd the king is such a baby. Not a cute baby, though.
Why are d'Artagnan and Aramis keeping the whole stolen-baby thing a secret? Why would they take the mom to Constance instead of the Captain or the Cardinal or anyone with power? THIS PLOT MAKES NO SENSE.
DUN DUN DUN SECRET HEIR. No iron mask, though?
Hey, go Constance, kicking the bad guy's ass! AND HAAAAA KNEEING D'ARTAGNAN.

A Rebellious Woman: "You are too generous, your majesty." / "I know. It's a weakness." OMG LOUIS.
"That's so medieval." HAAAAAAA.
Oh, a knee bone, hooray. No one ever gives me knee bones. Not even poisoned knee bones.
Man, Ninon, seriously? Athos is the least hot of the Musketeers.
He's not even hot, and then he takes you to the morgue on the first date? You can do way better, Ninon.
"This is the Cardinal we're talking about – why are we running?" Hahahaha!
Aww, Constance/D'Artagnan is very sweet. And then hot.

Guardians of the Galaxy
This was just a lovely little treat of a movie, silly and funny and enjoyable. I don't have any particularly deep thoughts on it, but I liked watching it. If I was into 80s music, I probably would have liked it even more! :D
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True Blood

Everything about Violet, Adilyn, and Wade was HILARIOUS. Horny goat weed! Strap-ons from the 19th century! Fuzzy handcuffs! Why does Violet own a giant house full of sex toys? I don't know, and I don't really care, because these scenes were worth it.
I really liked the Arlene/Keith sex dream (which I did not realize was a dream at first) and even more the actual Arlene/Keith scene at the end. Though Hep-V is an STD now? I don't think I'd realized that.
I don't understand what was going on with Jason and Hoyt's girlfriend. She wasn't that hot. Was it residual Jessica guilt? Was she a minor character from a previous season I've forgotten? The threeway hug with Jason in the middle was the most hilariously uncomfortable thing I've ever seen, though.
Speaking of characters I've forgotten: Dr. Ludwig, who apparently has been on the show before, though I have no memory of it. I loved her, though!
Sarah Newlin's ghost visions were AMAZING. I particularly loved Jason as a grim specter of death.
Lafayette and Lettie Mae digging up some poor girl's yard was also great. This whole episode was really funny.
My prediction: Bill will die of his speedy Hep-V but afterwards Sookie will have his magic vampire-fairy baby.


The Toy Job:
Normally I hate Christmas episodes (on any show), but the earlier Leverage Christmas episode was so great that I'm excited for this.
Aren't these characters all supposed to be incredibly rich? Why have money restrictions on their gifts? They may as well spend that money buying Christmas presents for each other.
OMG that doll is almost as terrifying as the one from Sleepy Hollow.
Awww, poor baby Parker in therapy.
"What are parents most afraid of?" / "Clowns?" / "No." / "Evil clowns?" / "No." / "Crazy clowns named Gigi who whisper your name from under your bed?" / "...No." AHAHAHAHA.
Man, Parker has a clearer sense of morality than Nate does.
"Smart babies are so eight years ago." Haaaaaa.
"You don't ever want to be alone in that warehouse. Ever." I AGREE.
Nate the trumpet player is an odd image.
Aww, I wanted to hear all of their stories. But I guess this was set-up for the next episode.

The Long Goodbye Job:
"20 pounds of crazy" / "5 pound bag." Hahaha, Hardison and Eliot are adorable, both of them watching Parker.
Heee, Parker changing in the elevator! Callback!
Haaaaaa, omg, Eliot's eyeroll while he's pretending to be shot.
This scene where Nate talks Sterling into letting him get away with it is totally like the "underneath we're all the same" scene where the villain tries to seduce the hero to the dark side. Except the villain is the protagonist and the hero is Sterling. That seems wrong.
"Did you steal it?" / "No." / "Because that would have been more romantic." HAAAAAAAA. YES GOOD SOPHIE.
Man, Parker looks scary. I think it's the plucked eyebrows.

And that's it! No more Leverage. :( I loved it though. It was great, and I'm sort of sad that I didn't get to watch it while it was airing, but I'm glad I saw it now, at least.

I'd take suggestions for what I should watch next, but I think actually it's going to be 'Musketeers', since I only hve a few episodes left in the first season.

Iron Man 2

Evil Russian Iron Man has a pet cockatoo! And he feeds it wine out of a chalice. As one does.
A dude named "Hammer"? I am predicting he is the bad guy because, seriously, Hammer. I'm sure all of these characters were named in 1960s comic books where such things worked better, but I love it.
I like that Ivan the evil Iron Man manages not to drop his toothpick through the whole first fight.
I don't know why anyone thought it was necessary to add a hand pistol and machine gun to an Iron Man suit; don't they come with hand lasers and all sorts of super technology?
So Ivan is not only an action hero (action villain?) and physicist, but also a hacker and... whatever specialization one would have to build an Iron Man suit, probably some kind of engineer. And speaks at least two languages. Impressive!
Hey, it's the scene where Natasha beats up the boxing coach! Hey, it's the scene where Natasha yells at Tony in Italian! I see these gifsets on tumblr on the time.
Aww, Ivan got a replacement cockatoo, I am bizarrely charmed by the saga of his pet birds.
This is the most complicated way to pass on a map of an atom ever. Also, do you really need a map? Couldn't you just say, like, "152" and be done with it? Elements are simple by definition; add extra parts and it's an alloy or something else. Also did Tony seriously just build the Hadron Collider in his basement?
Did Natasha actually put her hair down to get ready to fight the bad guys? That seems unhelpful.

Overall, not as good as the first one, but still a lot of fun.
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True Blood

No one died this week either! I'm starting to think we may maintain (at least most of) the way-too-big cast list.

Poor Ginger! Her attempts to stop Eric were hilarious. I hope we get to see her again before the show ends.

There was a ton of random stuff this episode that I loved, even if I don't think it hung together as a whole. Still: Pam and Eric in terrible Texas republican outfits! Sarah's Laura-Bush-knockoff mom! Actual Laura Bush references! James and Lafayette are so hot together, even if James really should have broken up with Jessica first. Similarly, Lafayette's speech to Jessica was fantastic, but again: breakup first, hookup second. Of course, I also fully support Jessica/Jason, so I'm down with this rearrangement of relationships. Andy's proposal to Holly (I totally thought she would say no, and was surprised at the happy resolution). Lettie Mae stabbing people! Eric ripping off the yakuza dude's jaw!

My main problems centered around Bill's flashback. Why was he even being moody and having flashbacks? And if so, why were they so confusing and inaccurate? I'm pretty sure Shreveport would not have been that large of a town in 1860-ish, and even if it was, it would not have looked like Generic Wild West. Louisiana seceded before the battle at Fort Sumter, not after, as said by that guy in the speech. Why on earth was Bill and his family escaping on the Underground Railroad? Why on earth did anyone trust Bill and his family enough to hook them up with the Underground Railroad? Why did random Confederate dude only seem to care about Bill and not the dozens of slaves (presumably?) sneaking away with him? Why was the conductor referred to as a "deserter", when black people did not serve as soldiers for the Confederacy? But mainly my problem was NO YOU CANNOT RETCON A SYMPATHETIC BACKSTORY IN THE SEVENTH SEASON TO A DUDE WHO HAS ALWAYS BEEN A CONFEDERATE SOLDIER AND PROUD OF IT.


The Rundown Job:
Haaaa, the look Hardison gives Parker while she's being all bendy to get through the lasers! Naughty~.
"If this wasn't such a violation of our civil liberties, I would be in love right now." Haaaaaa.
I love Hardison's weird thing with calling trucks/vans "ladies".
"...thank you creepy spy truck." HA.
Man, this is such a slashy episode - between Eliot's intense speech about Hardison being the smartest man he knows, and then the "YEAH MY BOY" and hugging Hardison... of course, then there's also Parker defusing a bomb while upside down with her legs around Hardison, so maybe it's just the 'everyone wants Hardison' episode.
Eliot being all "I work with them now". And then throwing down the crutch to lean on Hardison and Parker instead!

The Frame Up Job
Ha, I love that Nate is into film noir.
OMG it's a handcuffed-together episode. Or... no, it's not. I suppose it makes sense that all of these people would be very good at picking locks, but I love cheesy handcuffed-together-plots and now I want an episode about that. I will also accept fic.
"The butler did it!" Ha, Sophie is so excited to get to say that.
I always get annoyed at the Sophie/Nate trust fights. Why doesn't she trust him enough to explain how she knows the painting's not right?
Haaaaa, I totally called that it was a painting of Sophie.

The Low Low Price Job
Hardison, it's hipster, not hippie!
I would totally watch an entire show about Hardison and Eliot running a restaurant and arguing about it.
"Look, Value!More, what they earn in a year -- it trumps the GDP of most first-world nations." So, right after Hurrican Katrina happened, I was watching CNN or a similar 24-hour news channel. They were running a scroll of the amounts various countries had donated to the recovery effort - mostly it was in the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. And then came Walmart – totally on the same list as Nigeria and Germany and other actual countries – to donate over a million. Which I suppose at least was nice of them, but was still entirely terrifying.
Awww, Hardison being so interested in learning Eliot's backstory. And Eliot refusing at first to answer, and then not even looking at Hardison while he speaks... AWWW.
Awww, Eliot is all teary-eyed when no one answers the door at the end!
I feel sort of morally obligated to link this news story from last month, in which Walmart totally did close a store because the workers tried to unionize. I was also pretty pissed off when they sent a contingent to march in NYC's Pride Parade (which, to be fair, is a thing lots of big companies do) despite the fact that there is no Walmart in NYC, and all of their efforts to build one have been repeatedly blocked by the community and city government. Wearing rainbow t-shirts does not actually make you ethical, Walmart.
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True Blood

I'm very surprised no one died this episode. After the first three, I figured the show was going out by killing someone off each week. The Jason/Hoyt call was sweet, though, and I hope they get to spend more time together whenever Hoyt gets to Louisiana.

OMG GINGER ORIGIN STORY. OMG FANGTASIA ORIGIN STORY. This was by far the best part of the episode.

I loved Sookie having no time for anyone's drama in this episode. That said, the Lafayette scene was kind of weird, but if it was gearing up for a Lafayette/Jessica/James threesome, I am so there.

The Terry/Arlene scene was also very sweet, and worked for me, though that kind of "come to the light" scene almost never does.


The Gimme a K Street Job: Oh my god, that title is like five puns in one.
"What do I know about teenage girls?" / "You were a teenage girl?" / "Only sort of!" HA. And oh, poor Parker.
Is that supposed to be Sophie's Ohio accent? What the hell.
Hahaha, Parker literally growled at the poor little cheerleader.
"That is a wardrobe malfunction! I can see her hoo-ha! Her HOO-HA, sir!" AHHHHHH DYING.
Aww, I love when Parker has to comfort someone. She's so bad at it, but she tries so very hard.
"I missed you guys this week!" Parker is SO CUTE in this episode.

It's another AU episode! Haaaa, Nate's 70s mustache. OMG HARDISON'S AFRO AND SIDEBURNS. OMG 70s PARKER WITH HOOP EARRINGS.
Haaaaaaaaa, AU Parker/Eliot! And 70s Eliot's hair and leisure suit!
OMG WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH ELIOT'S MUSTACHE?!?! He looks like he should be on Deadwood.
This montage is like something out of Starsky & Hutch, I am dyinggggg.
Awww, I love having this deep soul-searching conversation via metaphors from the Odyssey.

The Real Fake Car Job:
"Eliot told you." Haaaaa, Eliot ships Parker/Hardison.
Re: Hardison's orange soda: "That is the good stuff, I get it from Mexico!" HAAA DYING.
Awww, Nate/Sophie. That was very cute, but you're still not as cute as the other three.

The Broken Wing Job:
"Baby, love, kisses, snuggles, and other romantic verbs." Hardison is ADORABLE.
Do people actually call things a "brew pub"? That's such a weird phrase.
Parker explaining how she knows things about thieves: "I... read... blogs." HAHAHAHA.
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True Blood

Things I never needed: Eric and Pam's 80s hair. Also Eric having sex on a tractor.
Possibly I hate Jason's girlfriend even more this week than I did last week. What, no medieval Catholic men had children? I somehow doubt her claims. I want Jason and Jessica to hook up again, because they were incredibly sweet, and also then James is free to hook up with Lafayette. I am really enjoying their chemistry, though I don't believe James's angst over Jessica "not being really present" when he doesn't seem to have noticed that she'd been missing for over a day.
I really loved the scene with Lettie May's husband. I'd been thinking of him as a forgettable background character, but the actor and writers were able to give him so much depth and background in just this one speech. It was very impressive.
Goodbye Hoyt's mom! You were a terrible person, but so much fun to hate.
Goodbye Alcide! You were a pretty good person, but sadly I never cared much about your plotlines, so I don't really care that you're dead.
Hello Sarah Newman! I love you and am glad you're back. Also it's hilarious that the one thing that can motivate Eric is killing you.

Hey, remember I was watching this, ages ago? I finally started again!

The French Connection Job: The "12 for a kilo" is totally going to turn out to be not drugs but some sort of ingredient, isn't it? Truffles, saffron, caviar...
Okay, I have no idea if it's standard to tip a bike messenger, but giving someone change for a tip is worse than not tipping them at all. Hardison, don't be a dick! If you can buy lasers, you can tip the guy.
"What's your name?" / "Chef." HA.
Truffles! Ha, called it.
Haaaa, of course Hardison is into molecular gastronomy.
Oh, man, I love Eliot beating up the dude in-between cooking and barely even noticing it.
Ew, salsa verde on spring rolls? WTF, Eliot. And then bone marrow?
And aww, Parker found her passion.

I liked this less than most of the internet, unfortunately. It's a fun action movie, but that's all I got out of it - I didn't connect to any of the characters, and felt that the world-building only holds together as long as you don't think about it too hard. On the other hand, the acting was pretty great all around, and there were some brilliant moments.

How to Train Your Dragon
Oh, this was so lovely. I adored the animation - the dragons, of course, obviously, and the flying, but also all the little moments of historical detail in the houses or ships or background. I liked how certain things were just shown and never commented upon, the ubiquity of women fighters and disabilities in particular. I loved that the entire point of the movie was about the necessity of kindness. It was sweet and funny and occasionally weird in the best of ways.
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True Blood

So, the episode starts off with nearly ten minutes of gay porn, starring Eric and Jason. When did Jason drink Eric's blood, to necessitate such a dream? Not that I'm really complaining, mind. I do love how Jason is absolutely, ridiculously bad at being seductive, considering how good he is at flirting with women. Nothing's as funny as the "I hear the water in Alabama is very... hard" line in the Bill/Sam dream, though.

The empty town scenes were very creepy. The graffiti reminded me of Silent Hill: very similar scenes of wondering around desolate urban places with just a few lines of text to hint at what had happened. I'm not really sure how the vampires managed to kill the entire town though: surely no one was inviting them inside? And they don't seem to have been burning homes or otherwise forcing people to come outside.

"Our mayor is a dog-bear!" Oh, True Blood.

This episode was much better than last week's.

Penny Dreadful

The finale!

Good lord, how long was Vanessa supposed to have been sick, if Dorian had time to go to Italy? I'm very amused by Dorian Grey the lovesick puppy, especially when he wiped away a tear and was all "WHAT IS THIS EMOTION?".

I'm glad Caliban did not actually kill or otherwise harm the actress, and that he has enough conscious to regret what he did do. I didn't expect that; I totally thought she was doomed.

Aw, poor Brona. I am unclear on why Ethan smothered her, though - she was dying already, so why couldn't he just have waited an hour or so? Unless he was lying to Ethan, and she wasn't really that close to death? Either way, I hope she gets to be cool next season and not just a mindless monster.

I was really surprised that Malcolm actually killed Mina, but it was nice to get at least one plotline wrapped up. Overall, I was a little disappointed in the episode: it felt flat compared to last week's, and so little was actually resolved. On the other hand, I liked the creepy priest and the cliffhanger ending, so I'm looking forward to next season.

Begin Again
A sort-of romantic comedy, sort-of indie about the music industry, a movie starring Keira Knightly and Mark Ruffalo. I found it insufferable, mainly because Ruffalo's character was a self-absorbed alcoholic dick (and, like, I am VERY SYMPATHETIC to your alcoholic woobies. I give a lot of leeway!) and Knightly's character had no personality or depth. The narrative mainly focused on how being authentic is just, like, so much more real and better than selling out, a trope I hate, and featured a subplot about how Ruffalo's daughter's clothes were too revealing, because ~teenage girls need father figures~. On the other hand, Knightly's ex-boyfriend was a hilarious parody of rich hipster musicians, so that was fun.
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True Blood
Episode 7.01. I think 7? What the hell season is this show on, I don't even know. Everything about it is like the worst stereotype of a ridiculous soap opera, and yet I love it anyway.

TARA'S NOT REALLY DEAD, RIGHT? RIGHT? On the one hand, I can't imagine the show would kill her off and not even do it on-screen. On the other hand, I can't imagine what Lettie Mae's motivation would be for lying about it.

Man, the governor's-daughter-vampire-who-Eric-made looks way too similar to Eric's-vampire-sister-Elizabethan-lady; I kept getting them confused and going "Didn't you die last season"? Also, if I was her, I would totally not trust the preacher dude enough to sleep in his basement. It's vampire apocalypse time! Find a safer hiding spot.

The Morocco scenes were pretty and very well-done, though I did not at all like the "eat my daughter" thing. I also disapprove of Jason's girlfriend's "Oh, I've just been trying to provoke you into raping me" thing. WTF.

Man, I am kinda shipping Lafayette/vampire-draft-dodger. (GOD I KNOW NONE OF THESE CHARACTERS' NAMES.) But I don't want Lafayette to steal Jessica's boyfriend! But he and Lafayette were so pretty together. CHOICES.

Penny Dreadful

This was a FANTASTIC episode! God, Eva Green does creepy so well.

I loved Vanessa's "He fucked you and you loved it". It was oddly hot and now I totally want the Ethan/Dorian fic. Ethan/Victor's little shooting lesson was also adorable and Victor was such a schoolboy.

Ethan as evil-vision-devil-whatever was amazingly creepy. I also love has Ethan is continuing to show himself as the only decent character on this show.

"Do you believe in God?" "I believe in everything." WHY DO CHARACTERS KEEP SAYING THAT WHAT DOES IT EVEN MEAN? Do you believe in leprechauns, astrology, and homeopathy? (Although, not gonna lie, I would love to see Penny Dreadful's take on leprechauns.)

We're never getting any backstory on Sembene, are we Damnit show, we are not supposed to be reenacting Victorian racism.

Man, that poor priest. He had no idea what was going on. Also, what even happened at the end? Why does Ethan know Latin? What is that necklace? How did he cure her? I'M SO CONFUSED.
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1. Last week's Project Runway: OMG WTF Kimono guy!? That is the worst outfit ever. I cannot believe they did not send him home. Also, hello to the creepy, what with the ogling his model and asking that one woman about her nationality.

2. X-Ray Pin-up Calendar. Kind of NSFW, all fascinating.

3. The only thing I have to say about True Blood this week is that I absolutely loved the fanvid at the end. Hilarious.

4. Similar to the calendar: MRIs of fruit. It takes a while to load, so perhaps not for those with slow connections, but it's worth it.

5. [livejournal.com profile] graduate_maria. Here is the backstory, but short version: Maria needs money to graduate. So now there is an auction to help her! I have met Maria and can verify that she is a real person, so go and bid on stuff!
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Dude, True Blood! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! I have been waiting for this season to start forever.

Vaguely spoilery, I guess )
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Fire by Threewalls. (Yami no Matsuei, R, Watari/Tatsumi). An excellent, perfectly-crafted drabble. (And I prompted it, wheee!) Warning for candleplay.

Like the Dawn by [livejournal.com profile] slartibartfast. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dawn/Faith, R). Written for me as part of [livejournal.com profile] femslash_minis, yay! This is so good, dark and sharp and kinda painful and I just love it.

A Girl Made From Sky by [livejournal.com profile] doyle_sb4. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Sandman, Dawn, The Cheeseman, PG). This is an old story, but one I happened over recently, and oh my god it is so good. It's simply perfect, and lovely and absolutely right, I'm convinced. You all must read this story.

This Emptying Out of Everything, or: Ten Times We Met Maryann by [livejournal.com profile] posioninjest. (True Blood, R, ) The summary for this story is "We all go a little mad sometimes", and that's the best way I can think of to describe it. The madness of five different characters, each one unique, all beautiful writing. Highly recommended.

As Seen on Urban Dictionary by [livejournal.com profile] longsufferingly, (Sherlock Holmes, Holmes/Watson, R) An AU set in the modern day. What if Holmes and Watson were in Supernatural fandom? Yes, that is a totally ridiculous premise. But this story is fabulous and hilarious and you should totally read it.
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Skimming the Eyewall by [livejournal.com profile] amand_r. A Torchwood and Yami no Matsuei crossover, yay! Ianto/Tatsumi, NC-17. I don't really know anything about Torchwood at all, except for what I have absorbed by osmosis through my girlfriend being into it, so I think I failed to comprehend most of this story. Mainly because I thought it was about, um, one recent plot point (to phrase it without spoilers), and then near the end I realized it was totally not. Or maybe it was? I have no idea. Anyway! Beautiful language, plus, hey, new YnM fic. You don't see that too often.

Book of Hours by [livejournal.com profile] poisoninjest. True Blood, PG-13, spoilers for 'I Will Rise Up' (aka the last episode Godric is in, if you know what I mean, and I think you do). Read this story! It is beautiful and lovely and kinda better than the show itself. I love this so much.

A set of lovely photos by [livejournal.com profile] sykii.

Also, I had to get up really early this morning and I disapprove strongly of this.

Oh, and also: [livejournal.com profile] remixthedrabble. DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT.
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1. True Blood! Oh, True Blood. This show is kinda trashy, and yet I keep loving it more and more. Spoilers for last week's episode )

2. Saiyuki Reload 9. Yes, I am a bit behind. But oh! So good! I am absolutely in love with the whole sequence about Hazel as a child. Gorgeous, and creepy, and wonderful. And then Ukoku! I'm trying to avoid spoilers, but: SQUEE. Amazing stuff. You know, at first I did not like a lot of the symbolism in the Saiyuki books- okay, okay, I get it, Sanzo = the sun, whatever- but as time goes on and the symbolism gets more complicated and layers are added, I adore it more and more. I'm really in the mood to go back and reread the whole series right now.

3. Vienna Teng's new CD is really good. Eminem's new CD is boring.

4. Does anyone know anything about Saiyuki Gaiden coming out in English? I remember hearing a rumor a while ago that Tokyopop was supposed to pick it up, but I don't know if anything ever happened with that.
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1. I saw the new Star Trek movie last night! I enjoyed it. I've never seen any other incarnation of Star Trek (though I'd absorbed some details as a result of it being the source for so much of fandom's history), and the main thing that I was struck by was how much fun it was, compared to Star Wars.

2. Re Merlin Episode 8 ("The Beginning of the End"): so, uh, do the characters keep acting as though Uther is your slightly eccentric, cranky uncle, and not a genocidal psychopath? Because it is causing me to keep having weird reactions to the tone of the episodes. They seem so cheery! Except for the death.

3. The Fashion Show aka Project Runway v2.0: eh. Not as fun as Project Runway, unsurprisingly. I feel like it's what would happen if you crossed Top Chef with America's Next Top Model. (Hmmm, that last sentence probably revealed way too much about my personal habits regarding reality TV.) Definitely an interesting group of designers for the season though, with Merlin (yes, there is actually a designer named Merlin. Also he spent the episode wearing a bright red cape and a hat with a feather that was longer than he was tall) at the top of the crazy heap. And it looks like Daniella will be the one I want to die in a fire.

4. The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency! I suppose I should have recommended this before the season finale. But it is so sweet and fun and lovely and awesome! I adore it.

5. True Blood is back with a second season starting in June! I am still hoping that Lafayette is not dead. Or he's a vampire. I could go with either, as long as his character is still on the show, as he is far and away the best part.


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