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Doing the fandom snowflake thing!

Day 9: In your own space, rec at least 3 fanworks you thought you wouldn't like (because they weren't your fandom or they pushed against your boundaries or you thought you just wouldn't be interested) but you ended up loving.

Thistledown by Violette_Royale. Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, Historical AU, E rated, 91k.
I don't read a lot of Merlin fic in the first place, and "Historical AU in which Merlin is always-a-girl" isn't the sort of summary to inspire me to give something a try. But I'm so glad I did, because this story is absolutely wonderful. It's beautifully written, the setting is a (mostly) non-magical Europe in which the 12th century is actually accurately portrayed (ie, nothing like the show), the sex scenes are very hot, and the relationship is complex and difficult and real. Also, there's an actual plot, which involves traveling from England to Jerusalem, and I love the descriptions of the places they pass along the way. But the best part really is the writing, which is just so gorgeous:

"I will miss the food, I think," Merlin says later, as they feast on fried fish from a vendor.

And of course Arthur takes that as some sort of challenge. While she is still licking the last of the fat from her fingers, he is dragging her towards the marketplace again, and buys her a pomegranate. It is a beautiful fruit, but with its hard outer shell, it does not look edible.

They find their way out of the city, down to the sea, before he pulls out his dagger and opens it for her. It is the most amazing spectacle she has ever seen, not only the fruit itself, but the way his hands work the sharp blade to cut into the peel of the thing before gently breaking the fruit in four parts.

The inside looks like clusters of garnets. When she breaks the little nibbles off and holds them against the afternoon sun, they shine deep red. Lovely, edible gems.

"Can you really eat them?" she asks, because they have none of the appearance of fruit.

Arthur smiles as he watches her. As if she, rather than the fruit, is the spectacle. He takes her raised hand, brings it to his own mouth. His lips are full and soft as he nuzzles her cupped palm, sucks the crimson arils into his mouth.

Just a random example, because I could pull nearly any scene out of this story, and it would have some lovely image or turn of phrase.

and i'm trying not to fall by surexit. Original fic, m/m, E rated, 27k.
I don't read much original fic either, but this story is perfect and wonderful and everyone should read it immediately. It's a romance between two teenage boys in modern Britain, and is an absolutely stunning take on class and race and sexuality. It's a serious look at those things- there's so much tension and awkwardness and people fucking up despite trying hard not to- and yet it's not a dark or depressing story at all. The main characters are adorable and lovely, and I just want so much for them to understand each other, and all of the side-characters are wonderful and real and complex. The dialogue is excellent and often funny, and things are hard but ultimately good. It's just a really, really amazing story, and I would read so much more of it.
There are also a few short sequels, but I recommend reading the long story first.

But Not the Song by ignipes and emilyray. Bandom RPF, slave AU, E rated, 200k.
First of all, I don't read much RPF (I actually don't even know who most of the characters in this fic are, and just read it as an original fic). Secondly, I am very iffy about most slavefic, and it's not a genre I enjoy as a whole. And yet I really liked this story! It's about the characters in slavery surviving, escaping, joining with an abolitionist movement, and trying to heal, and not at all about the sexiness of slaves and masters. There's a huge cast, an exciting plot, and lots and lots of h/c; there's characters on various ranges of "broken" to "unaffected", as well as "understanding" to "total dicks"; there's people trying to make the best choices they can given the circumstances; there's poly relationships and interesting female characters (though the main relationships are nearly all m/m) and no healing cock. It's just a great (and very long!) story.
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I've been away! And so have basically not checked LJ all week. Feel free to tell me what I missed! But here are some of the awesome things I did see:

1. The History of the Arthurian Legends in Ten Easy Steps (with Recommended Reading) - wonderful essay on how the King Arthur story has changed over time. Mostly directed at Merlin (the BBC show) fandom, but great reading for anyone interested in the topic.
2. Silent Star Wars - the end of the Empire Strikes Back down as a black and white movie. Really cool.
3. Fuck Yeah Mermaids. Because they're awesome, that's why.
4. Exogamy in Victorian Britain
5. Super creepy radio recordings of dead astronauts! (Okay, probably not. But still super creepy)
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Title: Tolerance and Love (Apres Moi Le Deluge Descant)
Author: Brigdh
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: At the end of the story, Camelot always falls. This is the beginning.
Notes: Written for Remix 8: 2010. [livejournal.com profile] froxyn wrote the original story, Tolerance and Love. Also, much love to my betas, [livejournal.com profile] veleda_k and [livejournal.com profile] p_zeitgeist.

Tolerance and Love (Apres Moi Le Deluge Descant )


May. 28th, 2010 05:05 pm
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First of all, I got basically the best Remix story ever: Love is Goodbye (The We Will Become Stars Remix) (Saiyuki, Goku/Sanzo). IT IS SO GOOD. I LOVE IT LIKE WHOA. You should go and read it right now. It is beautiful and heart-breaking and is my favorite thing ever. Yes.

But, you know, some other people wrote good stories too. I've only gotten about a third of the way through the fandoms I know, but I clearly am not going to finish before the reveal, so here's my favorites:

To Command the Sea (the King of Camelot Remix) Arthur/Merlin, all about what it means to have power.

Apple Princess (The Little Girls in Boxes Remix) Merlin/Firefly crossover. Morgana and River meet. Does not that make you want to read it RIGHT NOW?

A Cautionary Tale about Tomatoes (and Zombies) by Netgirl_y2k. Okay, so this isn't a remix. But you should read it because it is hilarious and awesome and did I mention hilarious? Camelot gets invaded by zombies.

Otherwise a Perfect Sky (the Crashing Down Remix) (Buffy, spoilers through the end of Season 6). Oh my god. This story is so well-written, which such a perfect Tara characterization, and then it goes and breaks my heart. Love it.

Believe It or Not (The Courtship of Rupert Giles Remix) (Buffy, no spoilers). If you know anything about Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you MUST read this story. I don't normally like stories which about adult characters' childhoods, but this is so perfect, and makes absolute sense, and just. Gah. Buffy wasn't the first slayer Giles knew.

Also, as always, let's play the guessing game! If you can tell which story I wrote, I will write you a drabble!
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Spoilers, duh )

So, in general, I'm kind of annoyed at the whole show. I never thought of Merlin as great entertainment, but now it's not even amusingly bad. It's just bad. Although I have been re-watching Buffy (my girlfriend has never seen it!) and in comparison it makes most things on TV right now look pretty fucking bad. We just finished the first season, and oh, you guys, I forgot how much I loved this show. It is so good.
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Spoilers )
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Title: Ladies of War (The Whose War Anyway Remix)
Author: Brigdh
Ratings/Warnings: PG, spoilers for episode 1x12
Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] remixthedrabble. [livejournal.com profile] veleda_k wrote the original story, Ladies of War.
100 words exactly.

The chain-mail looks like jewelry on Morgana, gleaming in the sunlight against her pale, easily bruised skin. She reminds Gwen of warrior queens in the legends they've read: honourable, aristocratic, willful- unrealistic.

Gwen agreed to the sword-practice because Morgana thinks they'll be safer. Gwen thinks swords and armour won't defeat the dreams that steal Morgana's peace, nor Gaius and his potions, nor Uther who had Tom killed.

Gwen understands the heft of metal, the sharpness of a blade, and she knows that neither will protect her. But she remembers her father's hands guiding hers, and appreciates the comfort of swords.
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1. I'm about 350 pages in, and currently very afraid that I'm in for another 500 pages of Gwen and Morgaine emo-ing about wanting to sleep with Lancelet. Intellectually, I know that at some point Modred must show up to be a plot point, but it does not feel like that. It feels like all that will ever happen EVER AGAIN is people whining about how pretty Lancelet is, and why doesn't he like meeeeee? Also, for something advertised as a feminist book, I feel like I should not be longing for male characters to show up so that something interesting will happen.

2. I also could do with a lot less of the obsessing over female virginity/hating on women who have sex.

3. Speaking of hating, why do all Arthurian legends hate the Saxons so very, very much? Well, at least all of the legends which mention the Saxons; I don't remember them being in Malory (or BBC's Merlin). It's not like the Saxons pillaged and raided more than anyone else at the time. I might be sensitive to Saxon-mistreatment, since I have a couple of friends who study them, but it still seems odd. Particularly since I feel that the "real" Arthur (I personally don't think there was one, but in terms of when the story started) was more likely to be a Saxon than one of the Roman-descended-and-influenced guys starring in most of the retellings I've read recently. (And definitely not the medieval guy of Malory. Okay, the story's most likely older than any of those choices, but I still feel Saxons are closer than Romans.) So why hate the Saxons? They brought you English! Shouldn't they get a little love for that?


Jul. 7th, 2009 02:30 pm
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I finished the last episode of Merlin! Spoiler-y thoughts )

I find that I don't really have the emotional connection to the show that would make it be a real fandom of mine. But it's so close; I feel like I kept seeing the shapes of something that would have been really interesting around the edges of what the show actually is. There's the connection to the vast body of Arthurian legend, of course. Or the story of what makes a good ruler, if peace can be justified by the many bad decisions and tyrannistic tendencies of Uther. Or the story where the choice to use or not use magic was a difficult decision with arguments on both sides (not just the random prejudice of one dude) and real consequences (do neighboring countries still have magic? do they have advantages therefore? Also, why are unicorns okay but not sorcerers?). Or the story of a group of young people learning to govern, balancing idealism against realpolitik. Or the story that's a comment on class and status, where the power behind each noble is their servant.

But none of those are actually Merlin.

Still! I am now looking for fandom things. Rec me vids, stories, authors, whatever you find neat. Rec yourself, please! There are, obviously, a few authors I already know I want to go read, but tell me them anyway, in case I forgot someone. What do you guys like?
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1. I saw the new Star Trek movie last night! I enjoyed it. I've never seen any other incarnation of Star Trek (though I'd absorbed some details as a result of it being the source for so much of fandom's history), and the main thing that I was struck by was how much fun it was, compared to Star Wars.

2. Re Merlin Episode 8 ("The Beginning of the End"): so, uh, do the characters keep acting as though Uther is your slightly eccentric, cranky uncle, and not a genocidal psychopath? Because it is causing me to keep having weird reactions to the tone of the episodes. They seem so cheery! Except for the death.

3. The Fashion Show aka Project Runway v2.0: eh. Not as fun as Project Runway, unsurprisingly. I feel like it's what would happen if you crossed Top Chef with America's Next Top Model. (Hmmm, that last sentence probably revealed way too much about my personal habits regarding reality TV.) Definitely an interesting group of designers for the season though, with Merlin (yes, there is actually a designer named Merlin. Also he spent the episode wearing a bright red cape and a hat with a feather that was longer than he was tall) at the top of the crazy heap. And it looks like Daniella will be the one I want to die in a fire.

4. The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency! I suppose I should have recommended this before the season finale. But it is so sweet and fun and lovely and awesome! I adore it.

5. True Blood is back with a second season starting in June! I am still hoping that Lafayette is not dead. Or he's a vampire. I could go with either, as long as his character is still on the show, as he is far and away the best part.
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Jesus Christ, this is the slashiest show I have ever seen.
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I hear there's this new Merlin thing that all the cool people are talking about. If one were to be, say, interested, where would one get access to said New Hot Thing?


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