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For the last few months, I've actually had a crowded schedule of TV watching! This is remarkable for me, since I almost never watch shows as they air, much less watch multiple ones with conflicting schedules. They've now dropped off one by one, as their seasons ended, and so now I am late to the party with recommendations (well, mostly).

Sleepy Hollow
See, the tragic thing is that I was mostly enjoying Season 3. There were multiple new characters of color introduced, many of whom I liked a lot! Daniel Reynolds: yes, Abbie totally SHOULD have a sexy sexy boss with whom she has past sexual tension! Sophie Foster: yes, more kick-ass fighter women, I am into this! I ship Jenny/Joe, and the way they handled Jenny's commitment issues was mostly well-done and I was excited to see where they would go with it! Ichabod's tragic grieving while separated from Abbie for a few episodes was fantastic angst – as long as I presumed it would have an eventual happy ending. The new villains were boring, but eh, they were perfectly adequate at setting up Monster of the Week type plots, and I don't need my villains to do anything more than that.

And then there was that season finale which, in addition to all the other REALLY OBVIOUS ISSUES, didn't even make sense on a story-telling level. It was exact repeat of what had happened in the season break! Except now Ichabod was just cool with Abbie dying?

Anyway, I'm sure you've all seen the millions of meta posts on this topic so I don't feel like hashing it out all over again, but it is absolutely one of the most inexplicable and dumb (and, you know, racist) choices I've seen a TV show make.

But on a happier note, I continue to adore this show. It needs more of a fandom! It's not at all full of graphic violence or grimdark like you might expect from a show about zombies; it's an adorable procedural with a very cute premise (Liv, the main zombie, solves murders by eating the brains of the victims – this also causes her to take on some of their personality traits) and wonderful characters. My particular favorite is Ravi, Liv's boss/friend, who is a funny, nerdy doctor who handles Liv's personality-of-the-week with admirable nonchalance.

Anyway, this season was great, I'm so glad Clive finally knows about zombies, and I'm very excited at how they've set up a Blackwater-esque military contractor to be next season's Big Bad.

Hap & Leonard
A six episode miniseries based on a book series that I've read a few of. Hap is an ex-hippie, straight white liberal; Hap is a black, gay Republican; together they fight crime get into trouble, call one another "brother", and are generally adorable.

I haven't read the particular book this miniseries was based on, but it did have a different feel than the ones I've read: less humor and irony, more taking the guys seriously as action stars. Possibly that's just the difference from the first book in a series to the later ones, though.

I feel like I should issue a warning for the fifth episode, which has a torture and gunbattle sequence that is absolutely some of the most brutal stuff I've ever seen. And I watch a lot of horror movies, including during the 00's awful tortureporn phase! I've seen some brutal stuff. I was still shocked by this.

They haven't confirmed a second season yet, but I do hope it gets one. It might not have been everything I hoped for, but I'd definitely watch more.

Okay, now we're to my favorite, absolutely the best thing I've seen this year! Underground is set in Georgia in 1857, and is about the Underground Railroad, but it is very much not eat-your-vegetables TV. It's shot like a heist movie. There are action sequences, huge twists in practically every episode, modern music used in the score, and no clear lines between "good" characters and "bad" characters. There are fandom-favorite actors involved, particularly Aldis Hodge (Hardison from Leverage) and Marc Blucas (Riley from BtVS). Over on tumblr, I am co-running "dailyunderground", so follow for gifsets and such.

Also yes, I am shipping Noah/Rosalee/Cato, someone write me a fanfic.

Game of Thrones
Eh, apparently I am still watching this show. I'm kind of grumpy because I haven't liked the first five episodes, but they seem to have been popular in fandom, so I have no one to share my snark with. It... could be worse, I guess? I just want to read the books, to be honest.

And now I have to decide what to start watching next. I've been meaning to watch Black Sails for ages (Pirates! :D ) but it doesn't seem to be easily accessible anywhere – it's not on either Hulu or Netflix, and I don't have Starz. I've also heard good things about Wynonna Earp, which just started this season and thus should be easy to catch up with: a big plus! And I guess I should watch the second season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, since I enjoyed the first so much. Also everyone keeps telling me to watch Jessica Jones? So, uh, I guess I should do that too. Anyway! Tell me which one I should watch first, if you have opinions.
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Game of Thrones

Uuuuuugh more Jon Snow. I thought last week would have been a great place to leave him for the season, especially considering how much else has to happen in this episode.

"Grenn came from a farm" is a fantastic line and point. I don't like how the show made whether or not Jon would kill Mance all about if Jon is man enough/honorable enough/whatever, instead of what's right. I mean, it's not about Jon as an individual - or shouldn't be - the camera dwelling on his face, dramatic music, ~can you do it~ - it's about the larger issue of political and ethical choices. Or I want it to be, at least.

Ughhhh, when they put the Jorah betrayal two weeks ago, I was afraid this was going to be Dany's big season finale. I feel like the show has either entirely skipped or incredibly minimized all of her failures in ruling. We've set up her white-savior trope, but have not at all subverted it, which I feel like is the more important half of that storyline. The show seems to be skipping all her more realistic troubles so we can race ahead to Dramatic Dragon Angst, but all the metaphorical meaning of her locking up her dragons comes out of her non-fantastical failure to rule, to be a Queen, to be other than "fire and blood". You can't just skip it and have the same story, even if many of the beats are similar. Also I really need the critique of the white savior, jesus christ.

Whoa, Jojen died, WHAT IS HAPPEN. I mean, I was of the theory that he died soon after in the books, but I'm still surprised by this.

Whoa, Brienne/Arya meeting! Whoa, Brienne/Hound fight! I'm pretty okay with Brienne's fight with... Biter? Whoever it was whose ear she bit off, being combined into this fight with the Hound, but I feel like we've almost run out of plot for her. All that's left, really, is for her to meet Lady Stoneheart (who I can't believe wasn't in this episode! I was so sure she would be the dramatic final shot!), and that can't take more than an episode or two. Whereas some characters - Jon and Arya in particular - easily have a whole season's worth of plot to get through before catching up with the books. It's so imbalanced. At least we still got the Hound asking Arya to kill him! I was afraid for a moment that would be cut.

No Tysha conversation? WHAAAT. I feel like Tyrion cutting ties with his whole family - not just Tywin and Cersei - is really important, and now there's no reason for that. I have so many issues with TV!Shae - who I feel was characterized very differently from book!Shae - abruptly dropping back into book!Shae's plot, without some reason to explain it. I'm not surprised that the show went ahead and killed her, as previously episodes were really clearly leading to that, but I'm still upset about it. Also I've been looking forward to Tywin's death for ages, and feel let down. It was just so... undramatic. I don't know why, exactly, but it didn't have the weight it did in the book, to me. Not at all a rousing finale.

Penny Dreadful

Aww, Ethan/Brona (is that how you spell her name?) is kind of sweet here. I really want her to not die. But are we not going to address Ethan/Dorian?

You know, I had high hopes from the first actress/Caliban scene that the show was going to subvert the whole "monster demands a mate be created" trope, and instead he would work on a normal relationship, but alas, that does not seem to be the case.

Convenient that the vampires waited to wake up until Malcolm had checked them all for Mina-ness!

Man, Ethan calling out Malcom to point out that Brona deserves dignity and a choice was AWESOME.

Is Dorian Grey's entire role on this show to eventually have sex with every cast member? I'm okay with that, actually. I don't really understand why sleeping with him has caused Vanessa to become... possessed? evil? crazy?, since she slept with someone a few weeks ago without such consequences. Hopefully next week will explain it.
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Game of Thrones

I don't really have too much to say about this episode, because the entire thing was about Jon Snow, who is not my favorite character. I suspected this would be the case, from last week's trailer and this week's 'previously on', but it's still a bit disappointing. Also I think I liked this episode least of the big battle episode, even though I quite liked it in the book.

"Because that's what men do." UGH SAM DON'T BE A DICK. YOUR ROLE IS TO BE THE ONE NON-DICK.

Wooly mammoth! I like wooly mammoths.

I liked having the Jon/Ygritte scene post-battle (as it was in the book) rather than in the midst of action, as here. It felt more realistic to me. I also preferred the book's portraying them as willing to kill each other (even if the opportunity didn't come) rather than hesitating here.

Penny Dreadful

I was really hoping for Vanessa/Mina to be explicit! I guess at least there was lots of subtext (and bed-sharing even!). I liked some of backstory on Malcom's family; the greetings he got on his homecoming were so telling - Peter being nervous/afraid but clearly wanting more affection, and the distance/coldness between Malcolm and his wife.

The brain surgery (or whatever you'd call it) was SUPER GROSS. I like how this show is going through all the Victorian!AU horror tropes, and now we've clearly hit "wrongfully imprisoned in an evil insane asylum".

Otherwise, I don't really have much to say about this episode, either.
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"The Blue Line Job": This episode is making me feel guilty: I like hockey fights. HA, Sophie stole the Stanley Cup!! What are the chances that both Nate and Eliot can play hockey? I can't even stay upright on skates. Haaa, "Caribou League". I love the random turtle sidekick. I love Parker not knowing about Soylent Green! And Hardison teaching her pop-culture is SO CUTE. I feel like this episode was a little disjointed in motivations: why is Marco so desperate that he doesn't just quit? For the money? But he doesn't seem to need money all that badly. To impress his son? But if his son is hiring Leverage to get him to quit, clearly the son isn't that into the fighting. Also why is the team owner now doing money laundering? I dunno. I still love Sophie stealing the Stanley Cup!

Game of Thrones

I liked the opening scene a lot– I am VERY fond of both Missandei and Grey Worm– but I don't know why he is struggling with whatever language English represents, when he's never seemed to before. Possibly English is representing a different language in this scene? Anyway, that really distracted me even though I liked the content of the scene a lot. I also liked the greater focus given to the slaves in the overthrow of Mereen; we're getting to the subversion quickly, so it doesn't matter as much, but I still like that the show seems aware of how gross some of the slave stuff from last season was. Also, we are going to have the Dany-betrayal plotline, aren't we? I really want it! I hope they're just changing the order of things because otherwise I am sad. And confused.

JAMIE AND TYRION SCENE JAMIE AND TYRION. This was so great. "Her son?" I love the trust and love and betrayal and complications between them.

Littlefinger being creepy, as he does. I also really liked this scene and thought it did a great job exploring both characters.

Olenna! Olenna sex-capades! YES GOOD MORE. I find it interesting that the show is making it explicit (and so soon!) that Olenna is and Margaery is not involved in Joffrey's death– if I remember right, the books left all that implicit (and actually I think it's never clear how much Margaery knows). I'm not complaining, it's just a different choice, and I wonder why. Maybe it's just an issue of the books depending more on readers who are willing to reread, and the show continuing on having a less-involved audience.

All of this Jon and Bran stuff is new! I'm not opposed to that, but I don't know quite what they're planning; I totally see why Bran needed new plot to take up time, but Jon has plenty, I would have thought. Also Meera better not get raped! I so do not want that.

During this Jaime/Cersei scene, I literally forgot that he had raped her last week. It seems to have had no effect on their dynamic. On the one hand, I guess I'm glad I can just forget that it ever happened. On the other hand, it makes me think terribly of the producers. Also, Jaime has been back in King's Landing for "months"? I do not understand the passage of time on this show at all.

SPEAKING OF REFLECTING TERRIBLY ON THE PRODUCERS, OMG MARGAERY DO NOT MOLEST PREPUBESCENT CHILDREN. It's not okay just because the older one is female! I know they've aged up Tommen (I'm not sure by how much), but NOT ENOUGH FOR THIS. This scene creeped me out so badly. And it had Ser Pounce! No scenes with kittens should be as off-putting as this was.

Everything with Brienne and Jaime was wonderful (And Pod! "Ser.... My Lady."!) but again, really disconcerting compared to last week's rape scene.

The Musketeers
Man, this was nowhere near as good as the previous episode. I think it would have been highly improved if the early scene with the Captain and Richelieu had been cut; as it was, there's no suspense because the audience already knows that a) yes, the captain was involved, and b) why he was. On the other hand, Louis XIV being a petulant child will never not amuse me, and D’Artagnan teaching Constance how to shoot was pretty cute. Small things!
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I have read through the all the stories for Ship Swap (well, not all of them. The ones where I know the canon) and here are my favorites! You should read and enjoy them too.

First, of course, the story written for me: unfold the passion of my love: Twelfth Night - Shakespeare, Viola/Orsino, 1.5k. She had intended to sit the masque out. She had not counted on Orsino.

I wanna see you be brave: The Hunger Games, Gen (with slight hints of Prim/Rue), 26.2k. Katniss is fast, and brave, and she never ever thinks more than she has to. It's like she has a whole conversation in her head in a second and acts while Prim is still deciding what to do. On Reaping Day, Prim's brain hadn't even finished screaming no no no no before Katniss' voice overpowered her. Now, Rue's frozen in place but Katniss shoves her, sends her sprawling backwards into the long grass, and the spear drives itself into Katniss' chest. Katniss dies, and Rue wins the 74th Hunger Games. Prim will never forgive the girl who took her sister ... except maybe she will. Maybe Rue isn't the one to blame after all. The genesis of a revolution in four notes.
This is an incredibly wonderful AU, where Prim gets called a second time to the Hunger Games. It's all about grief and anger, slow-growing trust, the choices between violence and cooperation. I love the characterization of everyone here– Prim in particular, but Haymitch and Prim's mother are also just fantastic. Beautifully written, and an amazing story.

Envy of Angels: The Hunger Games, Prim/Rue, 3.4k. When Prim is eighteen, her name is called again.
Another AU with Prim in the Games, I also really love this story, even though it's a very different take on the idea from the previous. Rue and Prim are hard and angry here, but it's still so good and believable.

sing us a song to keep us warm (there's such a chill): The Hunger Games, Haymitch/Katniss, 5.5k. The truth is that, no matter what Haymitch had said to the sponsors and the other mentors, he had no fucking clue how the 74th Hunger Games would end, or what would become of his tributes. He knew that Katniss stood a better chance than anyone 12 had ever seen. What he really didn’t know, what he never could have guessed, was how the tale of the Baker’s Boy and the Poor Seam Girl on Fire would end. Haymitch and Katniss: how things might have been, and how things are.
Another really wonderful Hunger Games AU (which mixes with canon), and a fantastic portrayal of the world and the characters, all angry and desperate and self-loathing. I've only recently gotten into this pairing, but I really love it just as it is in this story.

All Along, I Believed: Tolkien, Galadriel/Gandalf, 7.8k. All of their odd bits fit together in complicated ways. Galadriel loves Lórien, and she loves Celeborn, and in every age of the world she loves the Grey Pilgrim.
An epic story, moving along from the earliest parts of The Silmarillion to post-Lord of the Rings (and doing a wonderful job of mixing book-canon and movie-canon), this is a wonderful look at Galadriel. And her relationship to Gandalf, and to Celeborn, but mostly just Galadriel. Really beautifully written, and with a lovely quiet sense of humor.

Heaven and Earth: Tolkien, Arwen/Tauriel, 1.5k. A princess, an archer and a night under the stars.
A beautiful story that does a great job of evoking Tolkien's language (even if he would never have actually written, you know, a f/f one night stand). I'd never thought of this pairing before, but this story really makes me believe in it.

Dead Wolves Still Have Teeth: Game of Thrones, Sansa Stark/Margaery Tyrell, 6.4k. Margaery Tyrell comes to Sansa Stark after her wedding day for sanctuary. Soon, she and Sansa are closer than ever, but Petyr Baelish is not pleased with this development. If Sansa is to retake Winterfell as Queen of the North, she must become a wolf again, though her direwolf died years ago. But dead wolves still have teeth.
An excellent guess at how the future might turn out, for Sansa, Margaery, Littlefinger, and Daenerys. I really like the characterization of everyone, and find this a totally believable extrapolation.

The First Cut Is the Deepest: Assassin's Creed, Kadar Al-Sayf/Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, 2.8k. When Altaïr is gravely injured, Kadar eases his recovery most effectively.
Okay, I don't know this canon at all, but I still really enjoyed this story. The writing is gorgeous, particularly in its descriptions of landscape and food, and I like the slow build of the relationship.

come unstrap your broken wings: The Benjamin January mysteries, Rose Vitrac January/Cora Chouteau, 1k. "Rose, please." The call was low and panicked, and it startled her. Her skin prickled with an eerie half-recognition. But the voice was a woman's, and Rose had sworn long ago that her door would always be open for women who needed a place to be safe.
OMG YOU GUYS IT'S BEN JANUARY FIC. ABOUT ROSE. AND CORA. And it's beautiful and tense and all about their connection and SO GOOD.
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Yesterday, right around the time when I usually stop doing household chores and reading ffa and start doing actual work, my computer crashed and then would not turn back on. Well, it sort of turned on: it made the "turning on!" chime and the screen lit up, but it was a blank grey screen with only a flashing question mark, without even a cursor to move. Attempting to boot up with various commands– safe mode, recovery mode, disk utility– also all failed. Frantic googling on a borrowed computer informed me that these were indications of the fact that, as far as my computer was concerned, it had no hard drive. This could mean two things:

1) the hard drive had entirely failed, taking with it all of my data (as of course I had not backed it up any time recently) and meaning I'd need a new computer,
or 2) the cable to the hard drive was wonky, meaning I'd need a cheap part and a five-minute repair.

A trip to the Apple Store and much frantic prayer revealed it to be option 2, thank all the gods and little fishes, and now everything is fine and as it was. So! A day late:

Game of Thrones

Poor Sansa. I'm looking forward to her storyline from this point on, though; tragic as it is, I really like it. And Littlefinger's back! And creepy as ever.

The Tywin/Tommen scene was fantastic (even though I feel like this Tommen is WAY too old. Isn't he supposed to be, like, six? Though a suppose six-year-old actors introduce all sorts of problems into filming.), and the image of Tywin giving the sex talk is hilarious.

And then. Okay. The scene everyone is talking about, the Jaime/Cersei rape scene. And, yup, I didn't like it either. The scene in the book is really not the best example of consent ever written (to put it mildly), but I still felt that it was significantly different from the show, which was unarguably a rape scene. It just... didn't feel right to the characters to me. Jaime seems to idealize Cersei and their relationship, and to follow her lead; he also– unlike many of the characters– seems to have a much clearer sense of what rape is and why it's terrible. I'm not trying to argue "nice guys can't rape" or anything ridiculous like that, but this scene felt OOC and like it came out of nowhere.

I also don't know where they're going to go from this point. I feel like Jaime having raped Cersei here will of a necessity change their dynamics and plot from what it was in the book; I hate the idea of Cersei needing to send the "I love you I love you I love you" letter to her rapist who refuses to acknowledge her, for instance. That's just gross.

I did really like the Arya/Hound scene! I like to see Arya already learning to lie and be very convincing at it.

And then scenes with Sam and Gilly, Stannis and Davos. None of them are my favorites, really, and none of these scenes had much plot. I'm totally convinced that the Iron Bank of Braavos is going to play a major part in the climax, though, so I'm glad it's beginning to show up on GoT!

Okay, I totally love this Oberyn. I liked this brothel scene way more than any of the previous ones. In my opinion, Tywin is telling the truth when he says he didn't give the order for the Mountain to do what he did to Oberyn's sister and her children– Tywin tends not to indulge in violence, particularly when I'm sure there is some sort of political purpose he could have used them for if they were living hostages. On the other hand, I don't particularly think he cares about what happened to them, and probably has never felt a moment's guilt for not actively preventing their deaths. He probably sees them as minor collateral damage, and of course would never give up a current ally (the Mountain) for something irreversible that happened decades ago.

Tyrion isn't doing much (THOUGH I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO THE TYRION/JAIME SCENE SO HARD), Wildlings being wild, the Wall being wall-ish. And then Dany! She doesn't do much either, but I do think the show is doing a better job in casting some of the slaves as white and some of the masters as people of color, and thus avoiding some of the terrible implications of the final scene of last season. (Not that Dany's not still totally a white savior, but yo, she's supposed to be.)

Red Velvet
This is a play I saw at St Anne's Warehouse; I'd first heard of it, actually, when it was performed last year in London, and had wanted to see it then, and so was incredibly excited when it came here. (And to Brooklyn even! I didn't even have to go to Manhattan.) Adrian Lester is the star, which reminds me that I need to watch his show Hustle, as apparently it's sort of the British Leverage.

Red Velvet (the title refers to the curtain in front of a stage) is based on the true story of Ira Aldridge, a black American who became a Shakespearean actor, performed in London in the early 1830s in the midst of Britain debating abolishing slavery in its colonies, and then spent most of the rest of his life touring and performing in continental Europe, becoming particularly popular in Poland and Russia. The play focuses on the two nights he performed as the lead of Othello at Convent Garden in 1831 (a sort of lucky break due to Edmund Kean– who had been performing the role– suddenly falling ill), framed by short scenes of the night he died, thirty years later, in Poland. It's an interesting play; it felt in a lot of ways more like a drabble than a novel, if that makes sense. It hints at a million topics but doesn't have the time to go in-depth into any of them (it's a short play too, only about two hours): racism, slavery, sugar boycotts, art as escape vs art as political engagement, art as passion vs art as a job, stylized acting vs naturalistic acting, acting as transformation vs acting as representation, Aldridge's relationship with his (white) wife, their childlessness, his friendship with Convent Garden's manager– a French man under suspicion because of his own radical politics, Aldridge's relationship with his parents who disapprove of acting as a career, sexism, choices as political vs individual, and probably about a hundred other things I didn't even catch.

Ultimately, I suppose, it's a story of betrayal, about a man who thinks he has achieved the beginning of his fame (he talks with his wife about how this job at Convent Garden means they'll finally be able to buy a house) but has it taken away from him after only two performances, for no reason other than that he's black. They read several reviews out during the play, which I assume are from the historical record, and they are– well. The nicest of them describe Aldridge's "wooly hair" and how "remarkably well" he pronounces the English; most are worse, and none of them have anything to say about the actual acting. In the last scene, an elderly Aldridge is performing King Lear in– well, I suppose you'd have to call it "white face"– and recites the lines "You think I’ll weep? No, I’ll not weep." and "They are not men o' their words. They told me I was everything." and it's clearly as much about himself as the character.

It's a great show! I would recommend it, except that the performance I saw was the last. Hopefully it will be on again somewhere soon.
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Dear Ship Swap Creator,

Thank you for signing up for one of my fandoms! This is my first year doing Ship Swap, and I'm very excited to read what you write or see what you draw. Feel free to ignore any part of this letter that doesn't work for you; just use what (if any) you find helpful. I'm much less experienced with giving art prompts, but please don't think that means I want art less! If you need more information or would like to ask a question, feel free to leave an anon comment or email me. My AO3 name is Brigdh, and so is my email (at gmail).

I'm completely fine with a G-rated and mostly gen story/art; something with a few kisses and fade-to-black; or filthy, filthy porn. I like it all!

General things I like: action, angst, anti-heroes, banter, backstory, case fic, character studies, clever dialogue and wordplay, curtainfic and domesticity, endings happy sad or bittersweet, difficult and complex relationships, epistolary stories, established relationships, fairy tales, five things, found families, friendship, geeks, H/C, humor, missing scenes, people with flaws, pining, road trips, unreliable narrators, unspoken feelings, AUs both canon-divergent and entirely off-the-wall (some particular AUs I like are: pirates, any historical period, Robin Hood/conmen/criminals, rebels, steampunk, cyberpunk, apocalypses, daemons, Rule 63, arranged marriages, and circuses).

General dislikes: jealousy, mpreg, overly sappy weddings/marriage proposals. That's... kind of it! I'm a pretty easy-going reader.

Don't feel obligated to write me porn! But if you want to, here are some things I like about sex specifically: rough sex with biting and bruising, sex up against a wall, sex in a place where the participants might be overheard and they have to try very hard to stay quiet, people holding their partner down during sex. I also like sex that is playful and silly and allows for laughter, and where everything doesn't go right. Intimate deep-feelings romantic sex is of course also fantastic! I like crossdressing (both men in women's clothing and women in men's), someone dressing against their normal type (so, someone who normally dresses casually getting all dressed up, or the opposite, someone who normally wears formal clothes wearing something old and worn), all sorts of general elaborate clothing descriptions, people helping one another get dressed or undressed, people wearing their partner's clothes, people having sex while still wearing most of their clothes. Anything with hair: playing with it, pulling on it, washing it, combing it, braiding it for someone else. People helping one another bathe, and sex in bathtubs or showers or swimming pools. I like sex that is non-penetrative: oral sex, frottage, hand jobs, fingering, mutual masturbation, intercrural... basically anything you can come up with! Though penetrative sex is super hot, too, and feel free to write it, I just don't like when people treat that as the only "real" kind of sex. I like writing or painting or drawing on skin, and descriptions of tattoos or scars. I prefer established relationships, but fumbly first-time sex is very good too. Dirty talk is SUPER HOT. I love cheesy sex-pollen/fuck-or-die/heat type situations. Body worship, especially focused on wrists or hips or necks is always hot. I love super dramatic OTT h/c, with a character being captured and tormented physically and emotionally by Bad Guys before being saved and comforted with sex. I like extremes of weather and temperature: sex in the rain, sex on a sticky-hot summer afternoon, preventing-hypothermia-in-the-winter sex.
Some other kinks I like: bondage or honor bondage/silence, blindfolds, pegging, breathplay, knifeplay, bloodplay, D/s, power exchanges, switching, orgasm delay or teasing or edging, threesomes and moresomes.

I don't have any squicks or triggers. There are plenty of kinks that I'm not particularly into, but if you can make a convincing argument that the characters are into it, I will love reading about it.

Repost of my specific requests below the cut, if anyone's interested. Fandoms: Ben January; Les Mis; Game of Thrones; Shakespeare; Crossovers )

Sign-ups for [livejournal.com profile] shipswap continue until Feb 10!
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Fandom Snowflake! It's not too late to join!

Day 3: In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you did not create.

I recommend a lot of fanfiction (I have a whole tag for it!), so I figured for this post I'd do something different. Here are three of my favorite fanmixes:

Three Wishes by [livejournal.com profile] opheliahyde. Game of Thrones, Robb Stark/Jon Snow/Jeyne Westerling.
Musical genre: Indie-est of the indie. I'm not even ashamed.
Despite it being a fanmix for an AU that doesn't actually exist and for a pairing I don't particularly ship, I love this fanmix SO MUCH. I listen to it an embarrassing amount of the time. The music is just so delicate and lovely and angst-y and beautiful that I never tire of it.

The Red Mix by [livejournal.com profile] petronia. (The mix was originally posted here, but that post is locked to members of [livejournal.com profile] fst.) Swordspoint, Alec/Richard.
Musical genre: Electrohouse, dance pop.
As the creator put it, "For several years I've been making a (still-ongoing) series of character mix CDs I call "DJ mixes". Rather than straight-up "I think the lyrics of this song are about X" they're impressionistic sketches, or genre exercises - what the character might play on the radio in an alternate universe, perhaps." I love the idea of Alec as an AU DJ. And I love this fanmix. It is absolutely the music to listen to if you ever need to dance 'til dawn due to a combination of drugs and angst.

Heartbeat Radio by [livejournal.com profile] suchaprince. Zombies, Run!, Jack/Eugene.
Musical genre: Mostly Brit-pop.
Apparently Zombies, Run! is an exercise app? I don't even know. But this mix is delightful and makes me so happy. I could listen to it endlessly. [livejournal.com profile] suchaprince is a wonderful mix-maker in general, and everyone should check out her other mixes as well.
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Femslash Exchange 2013 is out! Here are the stories I liked the most.

Blood Sacrifice by cantarina. Welcome to Night Vale, Old Woman Josie/The Faceless Old Woman, G. Very short, but just as sweet and weird and satisfying as the show itself.

A Little Sweeter by Jain. Pacific Rim, Sasha Kaidanovsky/Mako Mori, G. Sasha arrives at the Shatterdome and makes friends with Mako. A hopeful, sweet story; I really like the characterizations here.

Triangle, dissected by Woldy. Sarah Water's Night Watch, Kay Langrish/Julia Standing/Helen, PG-13. Ah, this is tragic and painful and SO GOOD. Much like the book.

Spree by thingswithwings. Community, Annie/Britta, NC-17. Britta takes Annie shopping for sex toys. This has the sweet, silly humor of the show, and also is really hot.

Bittersweet & Strange by paperclipbitch. Mulan/Belle (of Beauty and the Beast), G. Belle has been living in China for some time when word comes for her from France. This is gorgeously written, and very touching.

the earthed lightning by cordialcount. ASOIAF, Margaery/Sansa. A potential end for the story; I really really like this idea. Very good.

Don't Ask Questions, Don't Ask Directions by Netgirl_y2k. ASOIAF, Shae/Sansa, PG-13. (Spoilers through the middle of ASOS/slightly past the end of the third season.) Shae and Sansa across the sea. Very sweet and lovely.

Stone and Snow by justwolf. ASOIAF, Dany/Arya, PG-13. (Spoilers for ADWD.) Another potential ending. This is my "if you only read one..." of the post. This story is GORGEOUS and GENIUS and I love everything about it and want to have its babies. A quote:

She watched the Queen who did not look like a queen with her tanned skin and her singed hair. Her hand gestures were not those of Westeros, and when she laughed, it was too loudly. The smallfolk in the tavern last night had said they were ruled by a filthy, foreign whore who fed lost children to dragons, and Mella understood their animosity. She watched the Queen's quick hands. She was laughing at something a Dothraki man said; she ran her fingers through the hair of the maester sitting next to her.

Her face was not beautiful, but even from here, across the divide of stands and swordsmen and horses, Mella could see how alive it was. Its liveliness struck her more than anything. She had seen so many come for the gift, beg for it, and she had seen so many fight the gift with all the strength they had—yet no one had ever seemed so utterly alive as this Queen of Westeros.

Go and read! Or tell me what you liked.

Vid Recs

Sep. 10th, 2013 04:44 pm
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Here are some vids I have liked recently! You should watch them and like them also, or tell me more vids to watch.

Homewrecker by [livejournal.com profile] fahrbotdrusilla. Anna Karenina. So, I may be the only person in the world in love with last year's Anna Karenina movie (Even though I didn't like the book? But the movie! I totally saw it multiple times in theaters shut up it is SO PRETTY), but even if you didn't see it and/or like it, this vid is awesome and kickass and I love it.

Supremacy by [livejournal.com profile] rhoboat. Craig James Bond. I haven't seen most of the Craig Bond movies, and also I have a sort of inexplicable hatred for Muse, but somehow none of that matters because this vid is amazing and perfect and so well-constructed.

Devil Wouldn't Recognize You by [livejournal.com profile] obsessive24. Elementary. Another one where I haven't seen the canon (though I've been meaning to watch it), but the lyrics and the images are just put together so well you get the story from the vid alone. [livejournal.com profile] obsessive24 is one of my favorite vid makers.

Alice by Pogo. Disney's Alice in Wonderland. This is weird and not at all like most vids, and yet I find it somehow fascinating.

Va Va Voom by Jetpack_Monkey. I Love Lucy. It's I Love Lucy to a Nicki Minaj song! What more do you need to know? Funny and brilliant.

Run Boy Run by [livejournal.com profile] hollywoodgrrl. Game of Thrones. This is by far my favorite; if you only watch one vid from this post, make it this one. Beautiful and smart and horrifying, it's a commentary on violence and women in the GoT world. I love the parallels set up between such disparate characters.
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Game of Thrones, no spoilers )

kuroshitsuji, no spoilers )


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