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Sleepy Hollow
Eh, I didn't really like this episode. It had a lot of potential – I am totally down for magic hologram Thomas Jefferson – but I didn't think it used any of that potential. Where was last season's awareness of the complexities of history? Did Crane and Abbie just totally forget that whole Sally Hemings conversation they had? Especially when the show is positing a "choose between innocent lives or immense greater good!" dilemma, that seem really fucking relevant.

And speaking of, that dilemma was really dumb. Why couldn't they come back later with Jenny, lots of firepower, maybe a few additional helpers, and take out the Reavers while protecting the library? Even if the library had to be destroyed, they seriously didn't have the time to truck a few boxes of books up above ground first? The Irving storyline was also nonsensical (and how were he and Jenny having a screaming argument with gunshots in a police station with no one noticing?).

I guess the new guy is hot? That's a plus.

1.22 ("Family Ties")
This was a great episode! I continue to love that Aryn gets to name Baby Moya. And I really like the name she went with; it was very effective. I also liked all of the one-on-one interaction scenes, with people talking about how much they like each other. It was a great way to end the season.

And dramatic cliffhanger! That must have been so awful, back when it was airing and everyone had to wait months to see what happened next.

Being Human: UK
I decided to take a break between season of Farscape and watch something else, and I settled on this, both because it's short (only 6 episodes a season) and because people have been telling me for years that I'd enjoy it. So far it's very good! They managed to jam a ton of plot into fifty minutes, but it worked for me and I'm liking the characters so far.

Jupiter Ascending
OH MY GOD THIS MOVIE IS SO DUMB. BUT AMAZING. BUT DUMB. I don't know if I can genuinely recommend it, but I enjoyed myself a huge amount, and that's what matters.

Actual wingfic! A werewolf searching for someone to be his pack! Bees recognize royalty! Punching each other is a 'male bonding ritual'! Incestuous space royalty! If all of that was incoherent, congratulations, that's what the movie feels like. But with special effects and insane costumes. I am so into this, and totally want it to be the weird fannish movie obsession of the year, much like Pacific Rim was last year.
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Sleepy Hollow
Overall, I really liked this episode. Lots of adorable bonding moments between the characters, lot of Ichabod vs the 21st Century, and the Monster of the Week was fine and historically ridiculous (which I approve of). I'm interested in Henry and Frank's plots, though I'm not entirely sure where either of them is going, but it looks like it could be good.

Not gonna lie, the image of Katrina struggling to levitate a flower made me laugh, given how weak and inconsistent her powers have been over the season. But then she actually got to be effective for the rest of the episode! That was great.

So, Katrina's family was at Salem? Does that now make her a rich Quaker farmer Puritan? I'm not opposed to any of these individually, but I do wish they could pick one background for her and stick to it. Or explain that, as a witch spy, she frequently takes off and puts on backgrounds as a disguise! That would also make sense. I also need some consistency about the Ichabod/Katrina relationship. Their breakup was such a huge plotpoint, but apparently they've quietly gotten back together offscreen? To the point where they're looking for a house? Again: stay together, break up, I'm fine with either, I just wish the show could have a consistent emotional storyline.

1.20-1.21 ("The Hidden Memory" and "Bone to Be Wild")
Baby Moya! OMG, I love baby Moya, and the whole twist with him having weapons, and Aeryn's connection with him. I also really liked Aeryn's scene with Crais, which showed how much she's changed since the beginning of the show. Also Gilina died, oops, but nonetheless Crichton is surprisingly upbeat in the next episode, despite it seeming to take place about five minutes later. I liked the whole "you eat people!"/"No, you eat people!" plot, although it seems ridiculous to me that eating passengers is actually the only way to solve this problem. Surely your food replicators can make calcium (or wherever they get food from. Buy it? Hunt animals somewhere else? However it happens, calcium is not that hard to get). Still, the ending was a nice twist.

I also saw a theatrical performance of Let the Right One In which was great, incredibly creepy and compelling. I hadn't thought it was a story that would translate well to stage, but it really worked. I've only seen this and the original movie, but I was reading the Wikipedia page on the other versions (the novel and the American movie), and I was struck by how the different tellings have each shifted the emphasis of the story, some making it a relatively hopeful lovestory and some about fatalistic horror. And it's neat that the basic version of the plot really allows for either reading.
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Sleepy Hollow
I actually really loved this episode! It was great! :D It's sad that such a thing should be so shocking, but here we are. Still: awesome episode, I'm not complaining. The creepy painting that leaks blood was a great supernatural villain, and I really enjoyed the flashbacks, a) because I love Michelle Trachtenberg and b) because I love Abigail Adams. I hope she shows up more often and wasn't just around for one episode. The whole plot with the Cranes was just the right sort of light but creepy monster of the week. And meanwhile! The plot with Abbie and Irving! Great, weighty, and so interesting. Sneaky Abbie lying to people! Making harsh decisions! Everything is beautiful. And the sheriff was around after disappearing for ages! AND CYNTHIA. CYNTHIA HI I MISSED YOU SO HAPPY TO FINALLY SEE YOU AGAIN. And Abbie busting in at the last minute to save the day! Ahhhh, wonderful.

Aaaaaaaaaaand we're back to terrible episodes. Okay, no, not entirely: I did like the karaoke scenes, and Crane and Abbie trapped together in a vault and forced to talk about their feelings is just the sort of fanfic trope-yness that I adore. But Jenny seemed weirdly OOC this episode (probably to abruptly emphasize her relationship with Hawley, but if that last scene means he's really gone for good, I will forgive anything), and I was also confused by the Cynthia/Irving relationship. I thought they were divorced? Apparently not. I'm okay with it either way, I just need to know what's happening. I also thought it weird that the Mills and the Cranes weren't at his trial, or apparently involved in any other way with his plot. Which... it does seem to have all happened very quickly, but still weird. I'm not sure where this storyline is going; clearly something creepy was happening at the end, but whether Katrina was fooled or lying or some other option, I have no idea.
But the worst thing in this episode was the crappy racist monster. I can't believe the phrase "thugee death cult" was actually uttered in all seriousness in 2015. It's the sort of dumb misuse of other culture's mythologies that Sleepy Hollow had so far avoided (hmm, maybe not with the golem stuff, but at least that wasn't focused on in its episode) and it's so disappointing to see it go there.
At least Hawley seems to be gone!

1.19 ("Nerve")
I still can't take Crichton's faux British accent seriously. I know it's such a minor detail, but it really bothers me, and I can't get past it. Hey, it's the tech girl from earlier in the season! Aw, I like her and never expected to see her again. I also like Chiana the sexy spy. There's a lot of "leave me behind and save the others!" in this episode, which I always approve of.

...I feel like I watched something else last week, but I can't remember what it was.
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Man, apparently I didn't watch very much last week. I don't know what I was doing instead; nothing useful, certainly.

1.17-1.18 ("Through the Looking Glass" and "A Bug's Life")
Did the fake-curse words like "frell" and "dren" appear for the first time in these episodes? Or maybe they were in earlier episodes and I just didn't notice them? At any rate, I feel like they were suddenly much more prominent. Which is fine; I don't mind them. I just hadn't noticed them before.
I liked "A Bug's Life" better than "Through the Looking Glass", though Crichton's faux-British accent amused me. Do all evil space commanders have to be vaguely British? Also, Aeyrn would totally have made a better Peacekeeper leader, and I like that the show at least threw in a line ("It is a grave misfortune that that uniform did not fit me.") to explain why she wasn't.

Tonight is the beginning of Minority Report, which is the replacement for The Colbert Report. Is anyone else excited? I'll admit that I have always been more of a fan of The Daily Show than Colbert, but it's ending still has been like the end of an era.
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Sleepy Hollow
So, I mostly liked this episode, though it wasn't as great as the show could be. The farmers market
was adorable, and the Crane/Abbie scene at the very end, reconfirming their commitment to one another, was nice, but everything in-between was sort of meh. Yet more of Crane's jealousy over Katrina/Headless – come on, dude. Clearly she's not actually flirting with him, but even if she was, you're sorta broken up now. She'd be allowed to flirt with other people. (Preferably not horsemen of the apocalypse, I guess, but questioning her tastes on a moral basis is different from jealousy.) I am at least interested in seeing were they're going with Irving's plot.

On a completely shallow level: OH MY GOD WHAT IS KATRINA WEARING? WHY IS HER HAIR A DIFFERENT SHADE OF RED? Did she use the six weeks off-air to discover everything terrible about modern fashion? Also, while I am theoretically a fan of Jenny's hot date clothes, I'm kinda grossed out that this episode was written by the guy who said, "Lyndie walked in [at Paleyfest] I had never met her personally and she's wearing this awesome dress, she's so beautiful. I turned to Albert [Kim, another writer] and am like, 'Why isn't that girl ever on our show?' He's like, 'Well she's a badass and she dresses like a badass, she's tough.' I mean, we love that but is there anyway to show that other side, the side that's a little more fun, or maybe dresses up a little or a little sex appeal." (In an interview here) Because the one element this show has really in need of is a girly-er Jenny. And okay, fine, it's an incredibly shallow excuse to get her into a skirt for the whole episode, but it's just a skirt, but WHAT WAS UP with Hawley needing to explain Sumerian mythology and pronunciation to Jenny? She is supposed to be the one who's the globe-trotting archaeologist!

Well, it's a cheesy soap opera, but that's clearly the vibe they're going for, since I heard they were inspired by Dynasty. I'm not too intrigued by any of the characters yet (I do sort of like the hilariously evil lawyer brother), but I'll watch the next episode, at least. I really liked the music!

1.11-1.16 ("Till the Blood Runs Clear", "Rhapsody in Blue", "The Flax", "Jeremiah Crichton", "Durka Returns", "A Human Reaction")
Yes, despite everyone warning me to skip it, I managed to forget and so watched "Jeremiah Crichton" anyway. I... didn't think it was that terrible? It certainly wasn't my favorite episode, but it was sort of mid-range, to me; I was mostly just surprised that Crichton had given up and grown a beard so quickly. You were only lost for something like three months, dude!
I was way more irritated by "A Human Reaction", which wouldn't have been so bad without the fake-out 'oh, none of this has been real!' ending. You can't have Crichton and Aeryn hook-up and then go ~but it was only in your mind~!
"Durka Returns" was my favorite of this set of episodes. That had some really interesting concepts, and I liked how it played with the idea of memory and punishment.
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Sleepy Hollow
There was some cute stuff in this episode: I liked Irving and Jenny's discussion in the car of hope vs resignation, and the snake political cartoon as a map was cheesy ridiculousness of the best sort, as were sock-torches. But overall this episode was disappointing, like so many of the ones this season. I didn't like the focus on Ichabod and the Ichabod-vs-Abraham rivalry, I didn't like Abbie not getting to do anything useful like pick the right sword (though, okay, lighting the fire of their soulmate bond was pretty great), and I have no idea what the hell was up with the random appearance of a shofar. I just miss last season.
I'm falling behind! I actually haven't seen the fall finale (winter finale? whatever we're calling it) yet.

1.09-1.10 ("DNA Mad Scientist" and "They've Got a Secret")
Wow, these episodes were really good. I feel like this was the first glimpse I've gotten of why people recommend this series. I really liked Aeryn's reaction to everyone else going home and then almost dying, as well as the reveal of D'Argo's past. And okay, Aeryn/John is starting to grow on me. They were very cute washing her hand together.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part One
I didn't like this one as much as I enjoyed the first two movies, but it was still pretty good. The main problem came out of the source, in my opinion; though this didn't feel stretched the way I feared splitting the book into two would, it did feel like it didn't quite have a plot. There were just scenes following one after the other, without a particular arc or drive. On the other hand, Katniss/Peeta works way more for me in these movies than it ever did in the book, and the movie's version of The Hanging Tree was AMAZING. I had to get up and leave the theater during the scene with the protestors at the dam, though that had more to do with current events than the movie's inherent ~artful powers~. Though I suppose the producers appreciate their good luck, at having brought this movie out right at this moment.
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Sleepy Hollow
I'd had my hopes up for this episode ever since I'd heard there was going to be one about the Mills's mother, so maybe I just was expecting too much, but I was a little disappointed. I did love a lot of it! The theme of "You Are My Sunshine", the drawing on the wall under the paint, Grace Dixon's journal and the African spell, so many emotional moments between the sisters and their mom, flu!Ichabod was adorable and even moreso when Abbie was tucking him in. I'm not sure Irving escaping really makes sense, but it will allow him to have much more plot, so I support it. I don't even know exactly what put me off. Just not enough... spark, I suppose. At least it managed to have a whole episode in a mental hospital without being horrifyingly offensive! Which is pretty unusual, for TV.

1.08 ("That Old Black Magic")
I was doing some traveling this week and so only watched one episode. Which I didn't actually like very much. John and Crais confronting one another was awesome, and I liked the expansion of Crais's motives, but the whole subplot with Zhaan didn't work for me. I don't actually see a connection between torturing innocent animals and friends and fighting an opponent. Though it does seem like it might lead to interesting developments, so I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes.

The Judge
ARGH I hated every single person in this movie. So we're totally supposed to feel sorry for this guy because, what? He's old? He's a father? He has cancer? None of that really changes the fact that he KNEW he was having blackouts, decided to drive anyway, and as a direct result of that someone DIED alone in the mud and the rain. Yay that he didn't murder the victim on purpose, I guess? It still doesn't actually make him innocent. And yo, if you're forgetting the names of people you interact with daily, maybe all the cases you've tried recently SHOULD be declared mistrials! I mean, God knows what else he might have forgotten. Ughhhhhh.
...I guess the cinematography was pretty?
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Sleepy Hollow
I actually quite liked Katrina this episode (though why was she still wearing someone else's discarded clothing?): I liked her being helpful in a fight and with research, I liked her actually talking about her perspective with Ichabod and especially Abbie, I liked her dealing with the visions. I just don't like that by the end of the episode she ended up in the exact same place she was two episodes ago. Plots that erase development like that are generally never a good idea.

The lack of Jenny in this episode was very noticeable and annoying. Even if, for some reason, they couldn't have the actress, I wish they had dropped in even a single line of "Oh, we can't call Jenny, she's busy with X". I did ADORE Abbie's "Family isn't biology", and am so looking forward to lots of Mills sister action on tonight's episode.

I also much preferred the Abbie/Hawley dynamic when it seemed like she couldn't be bothered to deal with him. Which, to be fair, also describes most of this episode, but the wound-bandaging at the end seemed to promise more for the future.

1.05-1.07 (or, since Netflix continues to be weird, "I, ET", "Thank God It's Friday, Again", and "PK Tech Girl")
I really liked "I, ET", and the parallels between John and the alien woman. That was a great episode, and deserved to be #2, instead of wherever it ended up airing. "Thank God It's Friday, Again" was nice, although I feel like the weird 'hyper rage' thing at the beginning needed far more explanation and resolution, instead of just being a random plot-starter. And "PK Tech Girl" was great; who would have thought a muppet could have poignant torture flashbacks? I wasn't very into John/Tech Girl or Aeryn's random jealousy, but whatever. I suppose every TV show is required to have random love triangles. At least it was for a guest star instead of an ongoing plot.
(Should I spoiler cut these? I feel like everyone's probably either already seen it, or isn't watching it and so doesn't care.)

I also saw Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) which I... liked? I think? I'm still trying to figure out what exactly happened, to be honest. Did the main character mean to commit suicide, and if so, once or twice? What was the point of the magical realism aspect - the only interpretation I've been able to come up with so far is that it represents 'selling out', but I hate that concept and would hope that a movie as otherwise as enjoyable as this one wouldn't stoop to that. I didn't get bored while watching it, at least, even if I don't know entirely what I think of it.

I forgot to mention it here, but last week I saw A Fistful of Dollars, which I'd never seen before. I haven't seen most of the classic Westerns, actually (though I had seen Yojimbo before! Which this is a remake/AU of). Anyway, it was great, far less dated than I'd expected, and both more clever and less nihilistic than I'd been led to believe.
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Sleepy Hollow
I don't hate the demon pregnancy trope as much as other people do, so I didn't hate this episode quite as much as seems to be common. I mean, it's not a great trope! I just can deal with it.

I didn't like Crane's jealousy of Katrina - it's completely reasonable for him to have trust issues given all the revelations in their relationship, but assuming Katrina's been sleeping with the Headless Horseman is not cool, dude. His "let's put it to a vote" was also a dick move. Also, this episode had a sad and noticeable lack of Jenny. If nothing else, why wouldn't they call her to stay with Katrina while Crane and Abbie raided the Hellfire Club's headquarters? The Aurora borealis thing was even weirder than this show's usual history/science macguffins.

The voting scene was pretty adorable, and I was amused by Crane's rage at some zoning law (OF COURSE HE WOULD BE THE ONE PERSON ON EARTH WHO CARES ABOUT ZONING LAWS) and his happiness at getting the sticker. The Hellfire Club as actual Armageddonists instead of the 18th century equivalent of rich frat boys is never-endingly hilarious to me.

In incredibly petty news, I am really into Crane's haircut this season. His hair is so curly and fluffy! Also Katrina is really hot in jeans.

Or, well, I should say 01-04 according to Netflix, which I've just realized is apparently not the order they're meant to be watched. What is up with shows doing that? Anyway, I watched the pilot, "Exodus from Genesis", "Back and Back and Back to the Future", and "Throne for a Loss".

So far it's a perfectly pleasant show but I'm not yet captured. I think mostly because I don't like Crichton that much; he's such a boring, standard hero. I did like the drug power gauntlet things in "Throne for a Loss"! The whole "character acts much more aggressively than normal" is very appealingly iddy and should totally be a trope in more fanfic.


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