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Sleepy Hollow
I don't hate the demon pregnancy trope as much as other people do, so I didn't hate this episode quite as much as seems to be common. I mean, it's not a great trope! I just can deal with it.

I didn't like Crane's jealousy of Katrina - it's completely reasonable for him to have trust issues given all the revelations in their relationship, but assuming Katrina's been sleeping with the Headless Horseman is not cool, dude. His "let's put it to a vote" was also a dick move. Also, this episode had a sad and noticeable lack of Jenny. If nothing else, why wouldn't they call her to stay with Katrina while Crane and Abbie raided the Hellfire Club's headquarters? The Aurora borealis thing was even weirder than this show's usual history/science macguffins.

The voting scene was pretty adorable, and I was amused by Crane's rage at some zoning law (OF COURSE HE WOULD BE THE ONE PERSON ON EARTH WHO CARES ABOUT ZONING LAWS) and his happiness at getting the sticker. The Hellfire Club as actual Armageddonists instead of the 18th century equivalent of rich frat boys is never-endingly hilarious to me.

In incredibly petty news, I am really into Crane's haircut this season. His hair is so curly and fluffy! Also Katrina is really hot in jeans.

Or, well, I should say 01-04 according to Netflix, which I've just realized is apparently not the order they're meant to be watched. What is up with shows doing that? Anyway, I watched the pilot, "Exodus from Genesis", "Back and Back and Back to the Future", and "Throne for a Loss".

So far it's a perfectly pleasant show but I'm not yet captured. I think mostly because I don't like Crichton that much; he's such a boring, standard hero. I did like the drug power gauntlet things in "Throne for a Loss"! The whole "character acts much more aggressively than normal" is very appealingly iddy and should totally be a trope in more fanfic.


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