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Dec. 10th, 2006 09:57 pm
brigdh: (these are the lives we'd love to lead)
I went off to work in my coffeeshop this afternoon, fully intending to actually work and to finish the research I needed to write the paper due later this week. But once I got there I realized that I had somehow managed to forget to bring my computer's plug. Given the current state of my laptop's battery, this meant I had about ten minutes to attempt research before I ran out of power.

Since I was annoyed at having gone all the way there- and was nowhere close to finishing the coffee I'd bought- I scrounged around in my bag to see if there wasn't something useful I could do. I usually have multiple novels and notebooks and articles and so on with me, so this was actually fairly likely. I could have outlined my argument for the paper, for example. Or started writing my yuletide story. Instead I wrote out a scene from an original story I've had in the back of my head ever since I outlined it for a Nanowrimo... two years ago? Maybe three years? I don't remember. I've never written any of it, obviously, but clearly it was the most effective way of procrastinating on both my paper and yuletide. Also, possibly I take some sort of subconscious pleasure out of writing about people in a desert while it's really cold here.*

Looking at it again now- wow, it's really obvious why Swordspoint appeals to me. I can just read about a pair of amoral anti-heroes, one of whom is a runaway, unstable noble and the other is reserved and protective, instead of having to write it myself. Except my characters are lesbians instead of boys, and they've swtiched off on who is very, very good at being violent and who is self-destructive. And also there's magic and monsters and riots that turn into widespread revolution and attempts to overthrow the government. Still, there's enough coincidences to make me wonder that I never noticed before.

I'll probably never write my story: I don't think I have the patience to do a novel, particularly when I don't even really have a plot. But I keep stealing pieces of it for other things. Sanzo and Gojyo's looks and backstories in my reincarnation story, What Power, were just this story's rewritten to make it fit a cyberpunk world. And when I was taking that fiction writing class last year, I simply plopped the main character into our world, since I didn't want to be the only one writing fantasy, and wrote what was essentially an AU of her.

Does anyone else do this? Have extremely complex daydreams that you mine for details that will be useful in other pieces which you'll actually write? C'mon, don't leave me feeling like a weirdo. Tell me some of the stories you tell yourself.

*Note: not actually all that cold here. But I'm fucking well going to complain about it anyway, because Blah. Cold. Hate. And it was really cold yesterday, to the point where I had to pile three heavy blankets, a cover, and a quilt on my bed before I could manage to keep enough warmth in to fall asleep.
brigdh: (procrastination)
Oh god, I am not going to even start this essay until, like, 3am, am I? Why am so unmotivated! Why do I not want to do anything! I suck at life. Woooooooe. The new album by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is pretty great, though.

Time wasters?

[livejournal.com profile] radiofreebanri has the new chapter of Reload up, in case you are like me and totally manage to miss the post until someone else links it. Translation on the second page of comments. Awwww, Goku.

Cropped Scan Theatre (YnM) books 6, 7 and 8.

Awesome, awesome Saiyuki meta about the mahjong game in the Kamisama arc by [livejournal.com profile] ranith. Why is mahjong so complicated? I tried to teach myself how to play once, and I got lost about two rules in. ...I'm awesome at the solitaire version, though. I can kick Yahoo!games ass, WHAT.

2000 Words on the Theme of Love by [livejournal.com profile] harukami. Saiyuki, PG-ish, several pairings and gen, very lovely.

Wake Up by Viridian. NC-17, Sanzo/Goku and Gojyo/Hakkai, long Saiyuki reincarnation story with lovely characterization and plot and very, very good.

I adore reincarnation stories; they're so many ways to do them, and so many different places and times to set them, and... yes. Awesome. The current crack-fic!AU running in my head stars Sanzo and Gojyo's female reincarnations, set in a future/space-opera/cyberpunk world that I am very vague on the details of because who cares, it's just an excuse for porn anyway, and Sanzo is some sort of mechanic, mainly so she can carry around wrenches and wear leather tube-tops ala Winry from Full Metal Alchemist and have attractively placed grease smears high on her cheekbones.

...obviously I tell you people these things because I have no interest in retaining any dignity, ever.

Progress made on the essay in the last five hours: absolutely none! And now I think I'm going to waste more time by going to have dinner.


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